Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is all about meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations to meet their own needs. The spheres of society, environment and economics should all be at harmony with the planet to create a truly sustainable future.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion (or eco fashion) is a movement driving greater environmental and social standards. It considers all aspects of the fashion industry from consumer habits to developing new fibres to improve sustainability and counter fast fashion. The aim is to minimise ecological impacts and restore damage done, for a better future for everyone.

Here at AEQUEM we add additional layer to this definition. For us Sustainable Fashion must be both ethically produced and using sustainable materials. We only source products that are made using recycled, upcycled, organic or innovative environmentally friendly materials.

What is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion involves establishing and maintaining values and standards of respect and care for our people and natural world. Ethical fashion addresses various issues such as working conditions, exploitative labour, fair-trade, environmental damage and animal welfare. So, look out for products with Fairtrade or PETA certification!

What is greenwashing? 

Now when sustainability became popular many companies are trying to appear sustainable or much more sustainable than they actually are - for example, their marketing strategy focuses mainly on sustainability when only a small percentage or none of their products are sustainable. To summarise, Greenwashing is the process of providing a misleading information or conveying a false impression of products being environmentally friendly. 

So be smart and check what the company actually means when they say that they are sustainable (especially when it comes to the fast fashion).

Is sustainable fashion growing?

Yes! More and more people are hopping aboard the sustainability bus. We are seeing a shift from fads and rapidly changing styles to slower paced fashion with more timeless pieces and reused items. The sustainable fashion movement is booming with sustainable and conscious campaigns!

How can I be more sustainable?

Through being more conscious everyone can live more sustainability! Learning about environmental consequences, what it means to be sustainable and how to practice a sustainable lifestyle, you can reduce your impact on the environment. There’s so much you can do, from reducing your air miles, cutting down on meat or buying sustainable fashion, you can reduce your consumption and stop harming the planet one little green step at a time!

What is Organic cotton?

Organic cotton is the most natural form of cotton. It is from non-genetically modified plants and uses no artificial chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides throughout farming practices, which minimises damage to the environment and allows ecosystems to thrive. GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) and OCS (Organic Context Standards) certified organic cotton meets the highest requirements, so look out for these.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of using waste products or those otherwise thrown away and repurposing them to be used over and over again. This might be through using old clothing, fabric cut offs or materials not usually used in the fashion industry! It can even mean spicing up some vintage by changing the shape or adding new detailing. Upcycling is basically anything that gives an item a new lease of life and a new home.

What is recycled fashion?

Recycled fashion can mean a few things, from recycling post-consumer waste to the vintage revolution.

Some of our brands are highly innovative, making bikinis out of old fishing nets, or bags out of car tyres, if there is a will there is a way! We check that all our brands have recycled materials from post-consumer waste. This is all the trash that has already had a life, whether that be a plastic bottle or a metal can.

So let’s talk VINTAGE. We are all obsessed! Never has wearing your mum’s 80’s shoulder pads been so in style. By finding pre-loved clothing you can create a truly unique look and save the planet. Every piece of clothing saved from the garbage bin is a little victory, so wear your vintage with pride!

Is sustainable fashion vegan?

Vegan fashion is all clothing items that does not use animals in production. As farming animals has high energy consumption and is highly polluting, many environmental advocates think this inefficient practice is non-sustainable.

It is good to note that there are non-vegan sustainable materials, mostly those which are the by-product of the meat industry and thus would otherwise go to waste, this includes some leathers. Also, some natural animal fibres such as organic wool and peace silk can be argued as more sustainable than artificial fibres. Plastic fibres such as polyester and nylon contribute to the ocean plastic waste, unlike their biodegradable counterparts!

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is part of the ‘slow movement’ that opposes fast fashion. It advocates for high quality, environmental protection and fairness in the fashion industry and asks for sustainable consumerism from the public. Being conscious about what you buy can help fight fast fashion.

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is the high turnover of cheap and disposable clothing and accessories that results in high wastage. Consumers quickly update their wardrobes to match the latest trends, throwing away old items that no longer have value.

Why are people still buying fast fashion?

Fast fashion is popular for three reasons: money, style and convenience. If a T-shirt made from 100% polyester with chemical dyes was the same price and as readily available as a 100% organic cotton t-shirt made with natural dyes, the public would be willing to go for the sustainable option. Unfortunately, we are not there yet, sustainable fashion has a higher price tag simply because it doesn’t cut corners in terms of ecology and ethics. Paying slightly more ensures a higher quality, longer lasting product that has come from fair-trade conditions. However, what many people forget is that if you think ahead, buying less quantity but higher quality, you are likely to save money by slowing your rate of purchase!

How can I extend the life of clothing?

Sustainable fashion advocates for lifelong care of your clothes. This means not chucking a jumper in the bin because it’s looking worse for wear! Looking back over the years there’s a reason why your grandad always wore elbow patches and your socks were downed as a kid, it’s all about caring for your clothes. Washing on low temperatures, skipping the dryer, blotting out stains, proper storage and repairing items can dramatically extend the life of your favourite piece. You can even upcycle by using old fabrics and repurposing them.

Is Sustainability Sexy?

YES! Here at Aequem we want to spread the word that being sustainable doesn’t mean frumpy grey sacks but can still be unique, inspiring, fun and most importantly sexy! Aequem wants to get rid of these false stereotypes, taking on brands that align with our strong sustainability requirements, but who have a modern, fun, sexy vibe. Join the movement.