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Our mission? To make sustainability the norm.

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Aequem (pronounced as 


is the spectacular brainchild of its two co-founders; Aequem was created by Magda & Ieva. Two innovative women; they took inspiration from the Latin derivative of the word Aequem; Aequo – which means Equipoise, Equilibrium and Balance, in order to fix a critical issue within the fashion industry and subsequently restore balance. 


Hoping to preserve people’s time as much as possible when shopping online, Aequem presents only the best sustainable and ethical clothing, accessories and beauty brands from all over the world, in one convenient destination.


Saving you hours of research and confusion; Aequem removes the unnecessary stress and allows you to support incredible independent labels that create exquisite pieces from only the best sustainable materials, in perfect harmony with people and the planet.



     ORGANIC: At Aequem, we use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Materials; the best certification out there for natural, organic fibres. This includes Cotton, Silk, and Linen... Oh and Fun Fact - Organic Materials means less pesticide residue on our planet and our skin. It also means even less water consumption (due to the land being cultivated with organic crops, as it has better properties to hold the water and needs less irrigation).


         UPCYCLED: Unused materials go to waste everyday within the Fashion Industry; at Aequem, we love to work with brands that work towards fixing this issue. Many of our labels use discarded materials and/ or deadstock fabric, which would otherwise go to landfill.


           RECYCLED: In an aim to achieve a circular economy, products and materials can be recycled in order to create incredible pieces. Any products made from these recycled materials, whether it’s a recycled plastic bottle or recycled textile fibres, are an incredible way to use what we normally categorise as ‘waste’. 


             INNOVATIVE SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: This includes any product from materials which are often considered to be widely sustainable and offer new solutions. One example of this is Tencel.

          At Aequem, we’re confident that we are always working to provide only the most ethical and sustainable options available. This includes everything from the best sustainable materials, to making sure that all brands we work with pay fair wages and ensure safe working conditions for their staff. Because we aren’t willing to sacrifice any of the good, for the goods. 



          In early 2019 Aequem, in collaboration with the Conscious Fashion Campaign, became the first multi-label e-commerce platform to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

          This therefore means that you’re not just shopping from incredible brands that you love, but you’re supporting the sustainable fashion movement and helping to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals too... Go you!


          You’ll find which United Nations Sustainable Development Goals each product on our site aligns with underneath its individual product description.


          Launched in early 2020, this initiative works in solidarity with unprecedented levels of forest and bush fired globally. Plant our forests with us!