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Hello Friend and Welcome to Aequem - the sustainable e-commerce destination!


We believe that our planet doesn’t need to suffer for us to look great. Fashion is one of the biggest polluters of our planet when it really does not have to be. It is up to us, the consumers, to make better choices and drive change in the industry.

Here at Aequem we are passionate about preserving our planet and were frustrated when we could not find a place where we could purchase sustainable fashion and dress from head to toe. We decided to take action and give ourselves and all of you beautiful conscious people a place where you can shop stylish pieces with piece of mind.


  • ORGANIC - any product made from organic fibers, such as organic cotton, silk, linen, etc / Choosing organic means safe working practices for the people working the raw material, no pesticides residue on our planet and our skin and even less water consumption (when the land is cultivated with organic crops it has better properties to hold the water and needs less irigation)

  • UPCYCLED - any product made from already used and discarded materials or dead stock / A lot of our labels use deadstock fabric from the general fashion industry that woul otherwise be discarded and end up in a land fill

  • RECYCLED - any products made from recycled materials, whether it's recycled plastic turned into fabric or recycled textile fibers or other materials / Recycled materials are normally a great way to use what we normally categorise as 'waste'. The aim is to achieve a circular economy.

  • TECH - any product from materials that are often new solutions and are widely considered sustainable such as Tencel

'Aequem' was inspired by the Latin word 'aequo' which means EQUIPOISE, EQUILIBRIUM, BALANCE. We are here to restore balance.
If you are going to shop, why not shop sustainable?
Choose sustainable for yourself, for others and for our planet.
We hope you join the revolution!
With love from London,
Aequem team x



AEQUEM is the first e-commerce platform to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

In early 2019 in collaboration with Conscious Fashion Campaign Aequem became the first multi-label e-commerce platform to align with UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Under every product on our site you can see which UN Sustainable Development Goals that particular goal aligns with. It means that while you shop you're not only supporting sustainable fashion movement but also help implementation of UN SDGs!

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For every purchase we plant 10 trees!

It's all in the title. :) Aequem founders launched this initiative in early 2020 in solidarity with unprecedented levels of forrest and bush fires globally. Let's plant our forest together! 

 Aequem has been launched by the two passionate co-founders - Magda Daniloaia and Ieva Balciute. This happened as they were both frustrated at the amount of time and effort required to be able to shop sustainably. They wanted to created one seamless destination, where everyone can shop with complete peace of mind, knowing every single product is carefully vetted and the best alternative on the market.


"The future is sustainable. Join the movement and help us make sustainability the norm!"

Magda & Ieva