SixtyNinety (UK)

There’s a popular saying in Britain that ‘you’re never more than 70 miles from the coast’ - well we’re not sure if this is completely true, but it’s always good to have your sustainable swimwear at the ready, just in case. SixtyNinety can help you do just that, and their collection of sustainable activewear can go a long way in helping too. This eco conscious brand understands the importance of reducing carbon emissions and production waste - upcycling, using innovative and biodegradable materials like Tencel Viscose and Amni Soul Fibre; and sourcing plastic-free, compostable packaging are just a few of this brand’s outstanding qualities.
Oh and one more, SixtyNinety is dedicated to tailoring or the female body – in fact, their bikinis are designed to be seamless, extra-soft, and sexy, just for you.