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Your Sustainable Guide to Wimbledon
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Your Sustainable Guide to Wimbledon

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July is now here and that can only mean one thing to Londoners and chic sport fans alike - Wimbledon.
Other than being known for the incredible tennis athletes that compete each year, Wimbledon has also become the stage for all attendees to showcase their best summer styles. From modern age competitors Venus and Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Caroline Wozniacki to the Royal Family and A-list celebrities, Wimbledon has become the stage of effortless, and always elegant, stand-out fashion.  Elevate your look this summer at Wimbledon with our styling inspirations for the best court-side look:

For the ethical girl who loves to transform simplicity into beauty, the Minimalist Whites collection provides a perfect balance of effortless grandeur. She wears and re-wears her looks yet never looks the same. She is tirelessly inventive always appearing understated and timeless.

The minimalist wears HIRSS White Organic Cotton Dress, a staple item in her closet of slow fashion and high-quality.  She pairs the dresses’ gold neckline accents with our Beatrice Hoops to accentuate the pop of metallic colour.  To finish the look, she carries the Aurora Wallet in Mimosa made entirely of European fish leather.

Wimbledon attracts those who love to wow others, and in what other way would our adventurous girl do so than through fun prints. She is bold and fearless. She recreates the Wimbledon style into her own look, making sure that while her eyes are on the matches, everyone else’s eyes are on her.

The Fun Prints look amplifies the Protein Jumpsuit, a classic structure with a modern design made from all organic and recycled materials.  It is paired with the Amaya Clutch in Black to complement the dark undertone and the Sinta Double Strap Slides in Black to tie it all in. 

The Subtle Florals collection is a combination of the energy of summer and luxury feel for all our vintage-inspired beauties.  Our floral girl exudes delicate refinement and champions quality over allure.

She wears the Wittering Dress, a classic Wimbledon white appearance accentuated with light florals. To heighten the look, she wears the Dust Dots Earrings for a perfectly imperfect individual look.  No other person in the world has them like she does. She finishes her Wimbledon style with the practical Sinta Double Strap Slides in Black.

Our smart casual girl is someone who is always preppy and appropriate. She is calculated in design, confident that her look can carry day through night appearing effortless and maintaining a noble appearance. She knows how to pull off this look- she has been going to Wimbledon for years.

The Smart Casual look capitalizes the classic jean jacket, the Kalahari Denim Jacket, and sandal pairing, the Maria Mule in Natural, with the Nebula W Dress, a French piece of luxurious organic material.  She downplays the chicness of the dress with casual and classic additions to understate herself, appearing perfectly dressed to watch the matches.

Wimbledon is notoriously known for giving fashion daredevils a chance to showcase style through their best translation of the modern, elevated woman.  The Bohemian Babe is a girl ever-connected with her passion for creativity and challenge. She manifests the opportunity to be a barrier-breaking leader and inspire others through a life of travel and truthfulness.

Our Bohemian Babe is wearing the Dido Dress in Beige Aphrodite, a lightweight cotton dress reflecting Greek expression of art and architecture.  She maintains the white Wimbledon appearance, but modifies structure and design to compliment her free spirit.  She pairs this look with the upcycled, vintage  Enchanted Forest Clutch to accentuate her white dress with a metallic pop.  The Ava Sandal completes her look with a practical braided design perfect for the summer weather.

Our charming, sophisticated woman wears a professional look that through one glance can communicate her sharp wit and confidence. She is dominant in all facets of her life always looking for a challenge and problem to solve while appearing glamorous doing so.

Our elegant femme wears the KRISTI Organic Cotton Beige Dress with white accents as a nod to the Wimbledon culture.  She carries the Elena Crossbody in Caramel and flashes a hint of glamor with the Chunky Bracelet - because it is Wimbledon of course!