Why to Not Buy into Black Friday

Why to Not Buy into Black Friday

Tensions are rising, prices are being slashed and your “must need” lists are growing at an incredible rate. Scratch that- an ALARMING rate. Is it really already time for Black Friday? Believe it, sister, it’s happening. Black Friday.

It’s hard not to know what Black Friday is nowadays, but we will still run through the history. Coined in the 1960s by the U.S., Black Friday is the annual inauguration of the Christmas shopping season. Almost all stores cut their prices and make hundreds of lovely people wait outside their stores on freezing Thanksgiving nights for doorbuster deals. We question our sanity each year, and for what? Although it's hard not to love a good discount nor do you don’t need to ask us twice to go on a shopping spree, we at Aequem do want to tell you what you’re really buying into when celebrating Black Friday.

Here’s the facts: at an average of  £327 per person, British shoppers prove to be the number one spenders on Black Friday weekend. Americans claim their position following close behind at £302 per person. That is over £70.27 billion dropped. And on what exactly? Items that are half-heartedly produced.

So, no, this isn’t your typical Black Friday shopping guide because we are telling you to stay as far away as you can. It’s all fun and games until our planet is the one getting hurt! This year we are telling you to stop falling for the traps and stop buying into Black Friday. Here’s why:

Nightmare on Every Street

Black Friday is notoriously known for it’s never-ending lines, and what’s worse than an infinite queue? We could literally think of thousands of better things we could be doing instead of freezing our butts off for a discounted piece. Hours on hours of waiting for that quick thirty seconds you have to run to find that beautiful jumper you picked out weeks ago, then … someone in front of you already got it? Yeah, no thanks. We’re totally fine staying at home this year. No one will be breathing down our backs or nudging us forward. A jumper is temporary, self love is forever. And hey- no transportation emissions!

The Wrong Kind of Local Shopping

We love when everyone gets up and gets out to do their shopping because brick and mortar stores should be celebrated. But, this is just not it. Black Friday doesn’t in any way encourage the sales of local business owners or small fashion companies in your area. In fact, it drowns them out. Most small businesses can’t keep up with Black Friday blowout sales! Their passion, creativity and authentic items get left in the dust for fast fashion. Wouldn’t you rather your clothes be made by hand than by machine? Wouldn’t you rather have real value than discounted value? Then don’t buy into Black Friday and save your local businesses! It’s up to us to keep their tradition and greatness alive.

Low Quality, Who Dis?

Yeah, it’s cheap, but what is it? Is anything real on Black Friday? The answer is no. All the clothes being slashed, discounted and bargained on Black Friday are definitely not the best quality you can find. We hate this! Clothes should always have as much love put into them as you will give back to it- no compromises. Luxury and durability are sustainable. It’s unfair to have to pay for any clothes that are anything less. So, the real savagery on Black Friday isn’t the discount you’re getting ... it’s how bad you’ve gotten played by the capitalist trap!

Where is the Love?

We can guarantee that there is nothing charming about tearing apart your Christmas present to find a mass produced gift sitting inside. Then you find out Sarah has it, and Emily has it and Natalie has it … and wait, your mom has it too? Christmas is not about mass production, the very thing Black Friday tries to do. Marketers want to make us believe that we need hundreds of discounted products. We don’t even think twice because we are given such a short window of opportunity and, hey, everyone else is doing it! But, no! Where is the love? We no longer can be victims to the fast fashion ploy and must refuse to buy in. Put thought into your gifts and give this season all the humanity it deserves.

Supply Chain Disasters

If you think any Black Friday shopping can be justified by the classic online-shopping-is-better excuse then think again. It’s not! The parcels, transportation costs and mass production all play key roles in contributing to climate change. If anything, even more C02 is being emitted from clicking your life (and wallet) away online shopping. The supply management and design process of Black Friday is disastrous. Cheap clothes are thrown at us in every direction and shipped all over the world overnight in an attempt to make buyers feel like they’ve accomplished something. All we’ve really accomplished is making a bigger footprint on the planet. We can’t buy in!

Is it Really Necessary?

At Aequem, we live our lives by the minimalist way- less is always more. Black Friday, however, lives by the motto that more is more. We owe it to ourselves to take a step a step back and find out what is really necessary here. If it weren’t on discount, would we really want it? What kind of practical use does it have in our lives? Commercialism is a sad, lonely road to take and we definitely don’t want you on it. So, opt out and opt into a life of minimalism.

It’s in the spirit of any holiday is to enjoy your time with friends and family. It is definitely not about running around town with an appetite for fast fashion. By choosing to say no, we can cut back on how much we contribute to climate change, water scarcity, resource scarcity, and land use. Give yourself, everyone who works retail and, of course, the planet a break this year and don’t buy in.

But, if it is the sale you want, then maybe try looking for a resale. Or, completely reverse all the negativity of Black Friday into a day of shopping purely recycled, upcycled and totally organic fashion. Where? Well, we personally know a good site …

Information taken from https://blackfriday.com/news/black-friday-history.

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