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3 easy ways you can have a more sustainable lifestyle
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3 easy ways you can have a more sustainable lifestyle

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Do you hear all sorts of news about the state of our planet (most of which are very sad and unfortunately true) and want to do your part but have NO idea where to start? Here's just three actions you can take today!



Fast fashion is a relatively recent phenomenon and it is all pretty bad. In the past everyone would buy much less clothing that was much better quality and they would cherish and take care of their pieces, like they were special (because they were). Fast fashion makes us think we need to buy clothes all the time and even worse, often offers very poor quality items that don't even last more than one season!.. This is all very UNsustainable.

By taking the time to learn what your clothes are made of, how long they will last and if they actually look good is a key way you can make a change to the environment as an individual. This is not just a ploy to get you to buy our clothes, there is an actual reason, we promise. By not making impulse purchases that will quickly be forgotten, you stop the cycle of fast disposable fashion that adds to the pointless waste of energy and textiles. So next time you are buying a new piece for your wardrobe think, do I love this and will I wear it? What is it made of? Can I find the same product but from a more sustainable and responsible source? (For example Aequem, just joking, kind of)

You can read more about fast fashion and why it's bad here.

Take the time to have a mooch around the second hand vibe, it doesn’t need to be from a dingy shop that does not smell very nice and only sells t-shirts practically wilting at the seams. The world of ‘pre-loved’ clothes is vast and plentiful and you can find serious gems whilst helping reduce the emission of the fashion industry. Dress Agencies, websites and apps and maybe even your local charity shop could hold more potential than you realise for a very small price!

Here's a list of the best vintage stores in London.

So we have all been there, you have an amazing dress / pair of jeans / t-shirt that you wear practically 24/7 and it begins to feature in every staple look from your wardrobe. One day, you are horror struck after you have accidentally put it on a 90-degree wash and have shrunk said item of clothing small enough to fit your pet Chihuahua. Your heart is left broken and your wardrobe feels barren without it. You can stop this from happening by reading that tiny white label inside and taking better care of your clothes and their washing needs. Put items that can take it on a cooler wash, try to air dry your clothes and surprisingly your wardrobe will last so much longer! Most importantly your heart will be spared of the pain and grief of losing your favourite piece. If something is gone, then recycle it! And careful, clothes should not normally go in your normal recycling! More on that in another article.


We hope this helps! And remember, small steps are so much better than no steps! Don't forget to subscribe to get this in your inbox!



Aequem team xx