Sustainable cooking at home - top tips and recipes!

Sustainable cooking at home - top tips and recipes!

For many of us, cooking at home has become the norm! In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of cooking at home, which ingredients are best and our favourite sustainable recipes... Dig in!

Simply put, the food we eat shouldn’t cost the earth! First of all let us tell you the benefits of cooking at home... 

You know where the produce is from. When you buy the ingredients and cook yourself, you can be reassured that you know where the produce has come from. Always read the label in supermarkets or ask if you're not sure! You can support small businesses by buying locally. Buying locally ensures the survival of smaller businesses that promotes more sustainable and healthier practices within their supply chain! That's definitely something to buy into.

It can be a healthier option and tastier too! Rumour has it, organic and locally sourced (which is the most sustainable option) is far tastier and is actually so much better for you to eat! No nutrients are lost in transport and no harmful chemical are used in the process of growing and farming.

There is a mass food waste problem in the UK, households in the country reportedly waste 4.5million tonnes of food every year. A staggering figure that we need to keep down as much as possible - buying and cooking at home means you can monitor how much is going to waste and how that waste is being disposed of.

Aequem top tips for sustainable cooking at home!

Fresh and organic always! Buying locally from famers markets and butchers when planning meals - the sustainable, healthier and tastier option ;)

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Always read the label. This is key in avoiding confusion about the origins of the product and how it was grown!

Reduce your food waste - waste not, want not! Try not to over purchase on your next food shop by making a list so you know what you actually need.

Eat more plants… eat less meat. Theres no denying it, vegetarian and vegan are the more sustainable diets. Try to incorporate this into your lifestyle!

Grow your own - start a vegetable patch or herb garden. There's nothing quite like eating something you know you've grown all on your own! Self sufficiency at its finest...

Seasonal eating - seek out those in season vegetables! Take it from us - they're so much nicer in season too.

Re-usable bags - no one likes to pay 10p for a bag and their environmental damage is even worse... We urge you to bring your own.


Here are some sustainable recipes we love and you can try at home!

Vegan Roasted Butternut Squash Fettuccine Alfredo - Recipe by Blissful Basil

A rich and creamy dish made from healthy ingredients for the perfect mid-week dinner!

Make Me!

Green Bean Casserole - Recipe by Isa Chandra 

A dish sure to become a family favourite - great for when you have to cook for lots of people! 

Make me!

Thai Peanut Tofu & Sweet Potato Bowl - Recipe by Keepin' it Kind

A great recipe for cooking up, storing and eating later - reducing waste!

Make Me!


We hope you enjoyed this article about sustainable cooking at home! The benefits are clear so we hope you'll join us in cooking from home more often. Let us know if you tried any of the tips or recipes - we'd love to know how it went:)

Aequem Gang xo


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