The Perfect Sustainable EU Clothes for Under €200

Perfect Sustainable EU Clothes Under 200 Euros
Sustainable fashion doesn't have to be confusing. Aequem's 80+ ethical clothing brands prove that, whilst the benefits of sustainability do bring higher costs than fast fashion, this doesn't mean you can't find stunning pieces for all price ranges.

For our EU customers, Aequem offers the best ethical and sustainable fashion gifts for under €200, that ship free to the UK and with no duties, hassle-free. Whether you're looking to buy a new bamboo blouse, the perfect organic outerwear, cosy trousers or the most sustainable recycled jewellery, shop our selection of the best recycled, vegan and sustainable fashion gifts below!

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For UK based customers, discover our sustainable UK clothes under £100 or under £200 now.

The Perfect Sustainable EU Clothes for Under €200

Sustainable Tops

 Sustainable Clothes Under €200 EU

Left to right:

Monteverde Shirt in Beige (€150,95) by SIZ

Wrap-over Top Sequoia in Red (€154,95) by Avani

Malaspina Top in Cotton Voile (Made-to-order) (€145,95) by SIZ

Women's Evasion Hooded Bodysuit in Tobacco (€189,95) by Lâcher Prise

Sustainable Clothes Under €200 EU

Left to right:

 Luna Grey Top in Organic Cotton (€141,95) by Maqu

Lux Jersey Sweater - Optic White (€183,95) by Ores

Alpaca Wool Handmade Knit Sweater Hugs For Women (€196,95) by Anna Maria Angelika

Green Ruffled Upcycled Silk Blouse Mainia (€164,95) by Reda Paula


Sustainable Bottoms

Sustainable Clothes Under 200 Euros Bottoms EU

Left to right:

Organic Cotton Moriche Pants (€183,95) by Adoro Tre

Brown Wide Leg OEKO-TEX Linen Tailored Pants Zelva (€200,95) by Reda Paula

Lamad Trousers in Sand (€189,95) by The Nordic Leaves

High Waisted Linen 70s Pants (€195,95) by Adoro Tre

Sustainable Clothes Under 200 Euros Dresses EU

Left to right:

Satin Easton Dress in White and Blue (€148,95) by SIZ

Purple Pomena Dress in Tencel (€164,95) by Maqu

Midi Pemón Pet Dress in Beige (€183,95) by Adoro Tre

Recycled Polyester Iris Envelope Dress in Black (€188,95) by Noacode


Sustainable Jumpsuits

Sustainable Clothes Under 200 Euros Jumpsuits EU

Left to right:

Short White Inna Jumpsuit (€171,95) by Adoro Tre

Beijing Skies Overalls in Canvas (€165,95) by SIZ

 Inna Sena Organic Hemp Jumpsuit (€177,95) by Adoro Tre

Off White Bach Jumpsuit (€195,95) by Adoro Tre


Sustainable Outerwear

 Sustainable Clothes Under 200 Euros Outerwear EU

Left to right:

Upcycled Three-tones Oversize Blazer Kalanke (€157,95) by Reda Paula

Patchwork Jacket Krizanta (€144,95) by Reda Paula

Cotton Grey Jacket in Denim (€218,95) by SIZ

Blue Upcycled Vintage Wool Blazer Luodis (€176,95) by Reda Paula


Sustainable Jewellery

Sustainable Clothes Under 200 Euros Jewellery EU

Left to right:

Recycled Silver Colibri Earrings (€113,95) by Maqu

EcoSilver Broken Promises Two Tone Ring with Gold Detailing (€153,95) by Gina Melosi

Tiny Cuff (€112,95) by Another Jewel

EcoSilver Cracked Mini Ring Pendant (€183,95) by Gina Melosi


These items are just a handful of the stunning sustainable clothes available at Aequem. Shop our entire selection of sustainable clothing under €200 now!

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