The 5 Best Organic Restaurants in London

The top 5 Organic Restaurants in London -

A new wave of food craze has hit London and luckily for us it is exploding with organic and ethical delights.  Looking to spread sustainability to another area of your life?  Feel confident and rejuvenated by your dining options with these top 5 organic restaurants in London that share an equal love for beautiful food and a beautiful world:


The 5 Best Organic Restaurants in London


Wild Food Café

Best Organic restaurants London

A restaurant dedicated to the art and science of feeling great, Wild Food Café promises a vibrant, raw-centric vegan eatery vibe that will not disappoint.  Customers rave of the beautifully presented food that is not only good for you, but good for the environment. It is truly a “culinary carnival.”

Where: Covent Garden

Hours: (Mon) 12pm-5pm, (Tues-Sat) 12pm-10pm, (Sun) 12pm-5pm

Make a Reservation: +44 20 7419 2014

The Duke of Cambridge

Best Organic restaurants London

If there is one thing us Londoners love, it is a good pub on the corner we can hit whenever we would like. The Duke of Cambridge takes this age old tradition and twists it into a beautifully inspired organic pub experience that has become a local favorite and award-winning gastropub. Boasting the largest selection of organic beers, wines and spirits available, this organic pub is a place of community and spirit, rooted in a passion for loving the Earth.

Where: Islington

Hours: (Mon-Wed) 12pm-9:30pm, (Thurs-Sat) 12pm-10pm, (Sun) 12-9:30pm

Make a Reservation: +44 20 7359 3066


Best Organic restaurants London

A London classic! Past the delicious Mexican food and atmosphere, it offers, this mini-chain uses only recycled materials and is vocal about sustainable, environmentally friendly policies. They truly put their money where mouth is, donating and supporting charities and ethical initiatives across London. In addition, only one look at the menu will tell you the farms where the meat is produced and the vegetables are grown. Enjoy a “taste of sunshine and tacos.”

Where: SoHo, Southbank, Covent Garden, Waterloo, Oxford Circus, Liverpool Street, Saint Paul’s, Shoreditch, Brixton, etc.

Hours: 12pm-11pm

Make a Reservation: +44 20 7240 1883

Grain Store

Best Organic restaurants London

Located in Gatwick airport for all jetsetters and adventure travellers who need quick, organic replenishment, Grain Store’s philosophy relies on quality from extensive travel and the importance of each and every ingredient. It is only the best seasonal, sustainable produce that is served with the regal attitude it deserves.  Made fresh in the kitchen all day, every day, this restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a meal made from tireless effort and bursting with love. 

Where: London Gatwick South Terminal, Upper Level

Hours: 4am-9pm

Make a Reservation: +44 12 9350 1328


Best Organic restaurants London

Nama offers everything we love to hear: organic, unprocessed, raw and dairy-free deliciousness. What more could we ask for! A warm, welcoming ambience invites customers to dive into full-flavoured dishes that satisfy a majority of daily nutrient requirements without any harm to the planet.

Where: Notting Hill

Hours: (Mon-Wed) 9am-5pm, (Thurs-Fri) 9am-10pm, (Sat) 10am-10pm, (Sun) 10am-6pm

Make a Reservation: +44 20 7313 4638


We hope you have enjoyed our list of the best 5 organic restaurants in London!  


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