Sustainable jewellery worth adding to your collection!

Sustainable jewellery worth adding to your collection!

Here at Aequem, we believe in clothes that make you feel your best! Putting together an outfit that makes you feel confident and sustainable at the same time - a perfect combination. Today we want to talk to you about sustainable jewellery, how it's made and where to find it! We know diamonds are a girls best friend and jewellery has the ability to enhance any outfit, even better when its sustainable... 

 Sustainable jewellery is made in an environment that doesn't produce mass waste, uses ethical materials and has no negative impact on the planet or the people who are involved in its making. Mining for the metals in our jewellery is an extremely hazardous job and a lot of the workers aren't paid a fair wage for their risk. This process produced shocking amounts of toxic waste that is usually just dumped in our oceans! This can't continue... 

How to ensure your jewellery is sustainable...

Lab grown diamonds

The advancement in technology never ceases to amaze us! There are now facilities that have taken notice of the unsustainable and unethical ways go mining for diamonds and have deigned a way to make diamonds! These diamonds have the same clarity as traditionally sourced diamonds but have a considerably reduced impact on the environment and avoid the use of toxic chemicals all together! 

Know where it came from

A great way to understand and ensure the ethical qualities of you jewellery is to ask! Find a local jeweller and ask them about the origin of their products. Hopefully they are able to share with you where the materials are sourced from and the background of their products. This will help you gather all the facts you need to know to make an informed decision about a purchase!

Upcycled & Recycled

Buying upcycled and recycled is something Aequem fully supports! Many of our brands fall into this category. By buying upcycled and recycled jewellery it ensures that the product is being correctly used. Jewellery, when taken care of, can last a lifetime. Why not embrace this and buy upcycled and recycled... unique designs and quality products, what more could you want from a piece of jewellery! 

one word... VINTAGE

As if we needed another reason to love vintage. Firstly, you never know what you might find and secondly, if you like to have one of a kind unique pieces you're sure to find them here. Antique jewellery that has lived a life! There is also great opportunity in buying vintage jewellery in that it can save you money. A lot of the products you're likely to come across are of course pre-loved which means that will come with a pre-loved price tag!

Here are some sustainable jewellery brands to shop on Aequem!

Another Jewel

The aim of Another Jewel is to create perfectly imperfect minimal pieces for an individual style where no two pieces are the same. Based in a little home studio in Copenhaguen, the label uses recycled materials bought from a little shop in London to create its special pieces.

Shape Inverted Triangle Necklace - Made from recycled silver.

Shape Short & Curvy Necklace - Made from recycled silver.

Adjustable Ring - Made from 100% recycled silver.

Dot Earrings - No two pair of earrings look exactly the same!

V - Necklace  - Handmade from recycled sterling silver

Gung Ho x Chalk Designs Collaboration

This beautiful collaboration between two London based sustainable brands - Gung Ho x Chalk designs - is meant to bring awareness to the bee environmental issue. Lavender is a favourite of our bees, and planting flowers like Lavender in our gardens can make a huge impact on our bee population.  

Beatrice Hoops - Hand carved at the Chalk Designs studio in London

Beatrice Necklace - Made from 100% recycled silver 


How to style

Summer is well and truly underway and we couldn't be happier! - Style your sustainable jewellery with some of our summer looks below...


Striped Wrap Dress  - Their products are made using sustainable materials, including organic cotton.

Cotton midi dressVeryan makes every piece to order in house at their London studio, meaning that waste is kept to a minimum.


Makara Wear

Upcycled Black Silk Dress - Upcycled 100% silk

Mari Anes 

Thyme Grey DressThe pieces are made with soft fabrics: natural textiles, including 100% organic cotton and sustainably produced silk.

Maria Black DressThe garments are hand-tailored in Bali using centuries-old techniques and supporting local craftspeople. 

It's really important to remember that sustainable fashion isn't just about the clothes, accessories play a big part of our wardrobes as well... Join us and supporting sustainable fashion in all its forms! 

We hope you enjoyed this article and have learnt about sustainable jewellery! 

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Stay safe - Aequem xo



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