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Sustainable Halloween Guide
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Sustainable Halloween Guide

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There is nothing scarier on Halloween than all the toxic waste that is put into it. From the endless candy wrappers to the fast fashion costumes made of mostly plastic, the real fright this Halloween is truly us and our consumption. The horror!

Thankfully, we're obsessed with making everything you do sustainable so you never have to worry about hurting the Earth while slaying your best outfit on Halloween. Stay cool this Halloween by choosing to be ethical! That way you know you'll always the best dressed at the party and ever so eco-friendly. Here are our favorite looks pulled from Aequem to make this Halloween the best one yet. It's time to get seriously spooky:

We couldn't get any more classic with this look, I mean come on, who doesn’t love to be the bad witch at the party? Luckily for you, we have the most bewitching dress that is sure to stun. The Ivalo Dress gives a perfect balance of scary and chic, making the witch you are the trendiest one that these Halloween streets have ever seen. To pair, we believe that any look isn’t quite perfect without a go-to clutch of confidence. This is why the Muthu Clutch perfectly elevates your mystical witch to bad witch status. To round out the look we chose the new Waterlily Slippers because of their all-day comfort and supernatural feel. All you’ll need is your broom then you’re off!

Dreaming of possessing that otherworldly magic? Look no further, we’ve got it for you. Our Great Rose Dress creates the perfect escape into the deep sea and exudes a magical radiance that no other mermaid around could. Of course, every mermaid needs her ocean sunshine, so we’ve added the Beatrice Hoops to make sure everyone will be dying to catch your eye on Halloween. The Aurora Wallet in Moss, made of 100% fish leather, completes that ocean feel with its Nordic fish gloriousness, a culture that dates back to more than five thousand years and is sourced from organic fish farms in Ireland and treated with water provided by geothermal plants in Iceland. Who knew mermaids could be so sustainable?

We’ve mastered the Divine Goddess look and are ready for you to serve up some serious grandeur in this Halloween costume. The Copacabana Dress is the perfect costume for showcasing your prestige. It’s a costume no mortal eye can gaze upon and not go absolutely wild. For the Divine Goddess, we love a classic shoe, and no goddess on Halloween night should be walking in anything else but the Grey Shadbush Sandals. Need royal bling? To complete the costume, we added the Chunky Bracelet to make sure that all divinity is upheld.

Creepy, crawly, and totally ethical: your perfect mix for that Halloween spider look. Our Kim Dress creates the sexiest spider alive! This stunning dress is made from roll end wool blend which gives the perfect spidery appeal while remaining soft and slender. It even has a completely open back, a crittery feature that’ll make anyone second guess their fear of spiders. Any good spider also loves a good bag for practicality (at least we think so!). The Hugo Backpack is sure to be the most useful, chic addition to your hair-raising night. But, don’t forget that hint of glam! The Dusty Dot Earrings are the final touch to your masterful Halloween web.

A power costume that’ll hit as hard you. The Boxing Baddie is one of our favorite Halloween looks that is bound to knock someone's socks off! The Leilani Black Sports Bra worn with the Lucia Multi Sports Boy Shorts creates the perfect boxing costume that is not here to play around. Every boxer also needs a good trainer, which is why we threw in the new Organic Cotton Blue Lepi Indigo Trainers for a total knockout.

Can someone say group look? Who wouldn’t want to be apart of the Protein Pals! Aequem’s most beloved jumpsuits are here for Halloween so you and your girl gang can rock the night eco-style. It’s a serious trio look that is sure to make everyone green with jealousy. As for your squad? You’ll be green with Earthly love!

She’s god sent! … or Aequem sent? We’ll take either! The Madagascar Dress creates the perfect ethereal ambiance for a stunning Halloween look. In need of a halo? The Chunky Choker is the perfect substitute- just as charming and angelic. Throw on the Miami Fence Socks with a heavenly heel and get going! The night is yours.

Because who said scarecrows have to be scary? We love this sustainable spin on one of the most classic Halloween costumes out there. We based this costume all around our charming Candy Dress, the perfect Autumn wear and Halloween scare. The only additions you need are the Weaved Tote and Red Eye Scarf in Silk to make your this costume a classic smash.

It’s who we eco-lovers are at the end of the day- veggie queens! So, let’s flaunt it in the most outrageous way possible for Halloween. Our Beijing Skies Overalls are sure to be a piece you’ll come back to time and time again in your wardrobe. For your very veggie Halloween, we’ve paired it with the Broccoli Organic Cotton Sweatshirt because, why not? Go all out. Throw on the Chiltern Beanie to top it off and get going! Celebrate your Halloween in the most sustainable fashion possible.