Sustainable & Ethical Scandinavian Fashion Labels You Need To Know Now

Sustainable & Ethical Scandinavian Fashion Labels You Need To Know Now
Making things easier for you is one of our main priorities at Aequem. That's why we've put together this incredible, easy to shop list of only the best Scandinavian ethical clothing brands, which use some of the best sustainable materials we could find. Explore our incredible list now!

Sustainable & Ethical Scandinavian Fashion Labels You Need To Know Now


Another Jewel 

Channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor (who once said that “jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique”) with ethical jewellery brand, Another Jewel; where no two pieces are the same. Their perfectly imperfect pieces are a hopeful encouragement for many women – emboldening and encouraging us to embrace the differences that we all share. Based in a small home studio in Copenhagen, the label uses sustainable materials like recycled sterling silver, bought from a modest shop in London to create their special pieces. Shop this Eco conscious (oh, and let’s not forget vegan), sustainable jewellery collection.

Nicoline Hansen

Challenge the normal guidelines of fashion with this incredible ethical clothing and accessories brand. Nicoline Hansen uses her creations to empower those who wear them; a true eco conscious, innovative and creative designer.
With a core focus on craftsmanship, and a strong belief that something magical happens when you respect and learn from each other, this brand makes sure that every creation passes through both the designers and artisan’s hands. What’s more, Nicoline Hansen has vegan friendly pieces available, and has been using incredible sustainable materials, like natural rubber (which has been dripping down from trees in the rainforest) for its pieces since 2014! Shop this incredible sustainable clothing and accessories brand now.


When it comes to conscious and sustainable decision making, ORES do it best – their name literally means ‘One – Responsible – Ethical – Society’. So, if you’re someone with a similar ethos for fashion, looking for cool, clean and effortless design aesthetics, and garments that are made from natural and sustainable materials in low impact ways, ORES is the answer to your slow fashion, eco conscious dreams.
The brand’s wool is also traceable to farms with good animal rights policies, (side note: baby alpaca wool doesn’t necessarily come from a young animal – it refers to the grading of how fine the fibres are). Not only have you found an amazing ethical fashion brand here, you’ve stumbled upon an animal rights titbit too - what more could we hope for?

Organic Socks of Sweden 

We can’t help but feel like Sweden’s high ranking in The World Happiness Report is somewhat down to Organic Socks of Sweden; because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good pair of eco conscious socks? And vegan friendly ones no less!
Made from sustainable fabrics like high quality, naturally grown organic cotton, and fairly produced in non-toxic conditions, this colourful collection of organic socks is sure to bring you at least some happiness. Especially considering the fact that you’re also contributing to this brand's donation of 1% of sales to poor families and girl's education in rural Pakistan!

PHI Atelier 

This eco conscious brand is so impressive, that we believe it should be included in the list of ‘The Top 5 Things About Sweden’. Founded in 2018, Phi Atelier is an ethical fashion brand that encourages investing in long lasting pieces that focus on great quality, rather than the fast fashion quantity that continues to plague the planet. Their products are made of a range of exceptional sustainable materials, including recycled cashmere and wool. What’s more, the brand’s ambition is to contribute to sustainable development through the best labor standards possible, in fact 5% of profits go to the Trygga Barnen charity!

Swedish Eco 

Sick of buying underwear every few weeks due to yet another hole you’ve found? Well put down the shoddy boxers and thongs ladies and gents, because Swedish Eco is here to solve all of your sustainable underwear problems.
This ethical underwear brand doesn’t just produce super soft and good for your body, organic cotton underwear, but also pieces that will be sure to last. With a desire to increase awareness of sustainability and to educate consumers on the impact of small actions on a larger scale, the team at Swedish Eco believe that they can make a positive impact on the environment, and that they can be a part of the solution to climate issues, rather than a problem. If that’s not enough reasons to replenish your unsightly underwear, we’re not sure what will be...

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