World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

It's here- Happy World Kindness Day! At Aequem, we adore when you feel confident, fearless, and love the skin you're in. So, what better way to celebrate World Kindness Day than to be kind to yourself? Deciding you are worth more and making a conscious decision to be kinder to yourself is a journey of realizing you are the priority, you are worth more, and nothing in the material world can hold you back from being the amazing person you were born to be. It is also the power of realizing that to be this person, you have to give up what is holding you back. But, relax! Don’t drop everything- it’s a journey that we are taking together step by step.

So, what’s our life baggage? And to be kinder to ourselves, how do we get rid of it fast! Here are things we want to say "no thanks, babe!" to so that we can share kindness on World Kindness Day:

1. Fast Fashion

We’ve said it once and we will say it over and over again- it’s the worst! Your clothes should be built to keep up with the trailblazing girl that you are and not fall apart after one wear. The Fast Fashion industry makes one of the biggest environment footprints on the planet, from landfill impact, power and water consumption, and mass use of pesticides the industry contributes far worse things to the world than it does any good. A dress made out of sustainable material that will last a lifetime full of memories and forever be classic- that’s what’s fab. Not a £19.99 mini dress.

Worried about finding the budget to live sustainably? Find the best repair shops in London here to give your clothes and second life and prolong their wear. No excuses!

3. Don't You Know That It's Toxic?

When comfortable in our life routine, we can become unaware of the people, environments, and habits we have adopted that are slowly molding our lives. In a number of ways, this can be a great thing! But, you must be aware of the toxic people and things in your life. To ditch this baggage, mindfully begin taking a new perspective on the people you surround yourself with and the routines you follow. Are they serving you in the best way possible? Are they making you and better you? If the answer is no, bye baggage! See you never.

 2. From Chains to Change

The biggest culprit of the fast fashion industry is location, location, location. They’re everywhere! Chains do us no good and provide no material longevity. To combat this, shop locally! Find a boutique within your town that supports incredible designers and start shopping with purpose not ease

4. Leather, and Fur, and Wool … Oh my.

It’s time to go faux! We live in a day and age where substitute goods are not only readily available, but done so incredibly well that there is absolutely no need to ever buy materials that are harming our environment. This means that choosing sustainable alternatives will never compromise your style. Nowadays, the only thing faux-pas is being unsustainable.

5. Fear of Uncertainty

Your life is what you make out of it. Having huge corporations dictate your truths will never allow you to reach your potential, your true self. You need to do you, and to stop waiting on the right time to do it because there is no better time than now. Truly, the only state in which you grow is in discomfort. So be uncomfortable. Challenge yourself. Grow. 

The kindest, greatest relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself and along this beautiful ride it’s always important to remember our roots. With all that baggage gone, it's time to focus on you and ways you can better connect with your inner balance. It is the ultimate way to be kinder to yourself. Here are our best tips for sharing kindness with yourself and the Earth by connecting back with nature:

1. Tech Moderation

It’s easy to fall into the trap of our phones, laptops, tablets… the list goes on. We can scroll through apps like Instagram and Facebook for hours. It’s no harm- people post some incredible things! But it starts to become an issue when it’s the first thing you do every morning or the first thing you grab on a break at work. Instead, try taking those moments in your life to better serve yourself. Go on a walk, look at beauty in nature and really listen to it. Breathe. A full day can pass by without you even knowing it. It’s important to tune in to the planet every now and then. Afterwards, go ahead and check that Insta feed.

2. Whole Foods Only

Loving ourselves means taking care of ourselves, and there is no better way to take care of yourself than using nature as your resource. Find your local Farmer’s Market or whole food store that sells organic, local grown foods. Nourishing your body with the cleanest ingredients becomes a reward in itself, and the mindfulness alongside it makes it all the tastier.

3. Gardening

There is no better feeling than immersing yourself fully into the Earth and growing something of your own. You become one with nature, putting in the love to get the love back. The result? Something gorgeous, all done by you.

4. Go Barefoot

Some call it “kissing the earth” or “getting down in the dirt.” Either way, it’s worth it- get those feet down in it! Connect with the Earth by physically experiencing it. Feel the grass in your feet, walk through the sand, even swim in the water. Enjoy the simplicity and childlike wonder it brings back.

5. Outdoor Yoga

The best part about practicing yoga is the chance to build your mindfulness. Amazingly enough, practicing yoga outside makes this process way easier! Natural scenery heightens awareness, which in turn will give you a yoga experience full of strengthened senses and stimulation. Take that “om” outside and feel how different the experience is.

Love yourself, love the planet, love the clothes you’re in, be kind to yourself … and look damn sexy doing it.

From Aequem, we wish you a Happy World Kindness day xx.

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