Sustainability with Vanessa Venturi!

Sustainability with Vanessa Venturi!

This week on the blog we are joined by Italian based content creator, Vanessa Venturi. She chats with Aequem about her views on the future of sustainable fashion, brands she's been loving and how she finds inspiration for her platform. 


Tell us about your career background?

I started my blog around 5 years ago when I was living in London. At that time I also interned at a modelling agency and assisted in photo shoots. I then started a few jobs in Fashion E-commerce, Social Media and PR. Meanwhile, I was creating content for various brands on my own channels. 


We love the aesthetic of your Instagram feed! When creating content, how do you get inspired?

Thank you so much! It's so important to me to have a cohesive feed which feels like you're reading a magazine. While growing up, I was reading tons of fashion magazines, so that always was a passion of mine. I get inspiration from old movies, books, other content creators and magazines/fashion runways. 

Do you have any favourite sustainable brands or any new discoveries you like at the moment?

Two of my favourite recent sustainable discoveries are Monpure London, a haircare brand and Veronika Guardi, a sustainable fashion brand.


How would you say you incorporate sustainability in your own personal style and within your work?

I love to work with sustainable brands and I look forward to discovering more of them! I love wearing cotton clothes (also due to my sensitive skin). It was very hard a few years ago to find any cotton clothes, but now brands are becoming more aware of sustainability and organic fabrics to use in fashion and beauty products - that makes me happy!

Do you think social media influencers have a role to play in setting a more sustainable example for their followers?

Of course! Influencer marketing is very powerful. It's like asking your friends for advice. It's very important that influencers set a good example in their own channels and I am trying to use my channels for that.


In your opinion, how does Aequem align with your own mission when it comes to sustainability?

As I mentioned, my main focus is to find cotton clothes and basic clothes that can last a lifetime or more than 10 years. I’d love to be able to build an all sustainable wardrobe, so Aequem really goes to that direction I am aiming too as well! 

How do you see sustainability in fashion and other sectors evolving in the next two years?

I believe everyone will be more conscious in two years. Not everyone will have a budget to purchase an all sustainable wardrobe, but I look forward to a better future for fashion.


It's been a pleasure having Vanessa on the blog this week, sharing her thoughts on sustainable style! 

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Aequem Gang xo

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