Hottest sustainable swimwear this summer

Hottest sustainable swimwear this summer

In this article, we will be taking a look at the sustainable swimwear selection on Aequem - featuring Makara Wear, SixtyNinety, Stidston and Tucca Swim. All made from sustainable materials like Econyl, Tencel and recycled nylon!  Whether you're able to get away this year or not... don't deny yourself a new bikini or swimsuit. Treat yourself to sustainable swimwear that protects the ocean on Aequem today!


Although we don't want to speak too soon... a holiday could not be as far off as we once thought! The relaxation of lockdown across the country could see the possibility of a getaway in 2020 becoming more and more likely… fingers crossed! With weather in the UK looking brighter, seaside trips are coming more popular amongst those looking to take time to relax in the sunshine this year. Perfect time to get yourself a new bikini or swimsuit for those warmer Summer days. Aequem has you covered with our range of sustainable swimwear including new brands with super ethical materials and beautiful cuts that will make you feel stylish and confident.


Meet our sustainable swimwear brands!

Makara Wear

Makara wear is a European sustainable swimsuit and apparel brand geared towards independent and adventurous women who value fashion, comfort and elegance. Fitting like a glove, Makara wear swimsuits hug your body for a well fitted, confidence boosting look! Makara designs their swimsuits with the customer in mind. Whether you’re in the water, being active, doing yoga or relaxing by the pool or at a party - you’ll always feel comfortable. Makara products are made from a recycled nylon called Econyl. A fabric made from regenerated ocean plastic, harvested from discarded fishing nets. An incredibly versatile and durable material!

Aequem favourites!...

Coco Bikini Top 

Coco Bikini Bottom

Open Scale One Piece Swimsuit with metal clutch 

G Sleeve - Suluban

G Sleeve - Long Sleeve Swimwear 


SixtyNinety is a sustainable and ethical swimwear and resort wear brand. They offer on trend apparel to an audience that is eager to shop consciously and take away all the unnecessary elastic bands. SixtyNinety design swimwear tailored to the female body – seamless, extra soft and sexy. SixtyNinety swimwear is made from Tencel viscose that has a reforestation certificate, so that it is durable and long lasting. Tencel is made from wood pulp and requires significantly less energy and water to produce than cotton. It’s also great for swimwear and activewear because of its antibacterial and moisture repelling properties.

Aequem favourites from SixtyNinety!

Cuba Libre Top - White

Brazilian Cut White Bottoms 

Manhattan Reversible - Black and White

G+T Bikini Top - Black

Spritz Reversible Top 



Stidston is a premium swimwear brand designed in London and cut and sewn in the UK. Ethically manufactured and made using sustainable materials, the designers at Stidston draw inspiration from the English Summer. We love Stidston because of its versatility and style that truly represents the values of the brand. Similarly to Makara Wear, Stidston uses Econyl as the fabric for their swimwear!

Lets take a look at our favourites!

The Hope Swimsuit in After Dark

Mazie Swimsuit in Red


Lottie Goodman X Stidston Swimsuit  

Chose our ocean friendly swimwear to reduce your environmental impact this Summer. Fast fashion brands that churn out swimwear that will only last one season are damaging the planet. Plastic waste from these brands is polluting our oceans and landfills because plastic does not decompose for incredibly long periods of time. Aequem swimwear brands actually help the ocean because they are mostly made from recycled plastic, reducing the amount of plastic pollution. Join us in taking responsibility this Summer and become part of the change!


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Love, Aequem team xx

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