Why doing your groceries at a local farm is so much better and top 10 farm box services near London

Why doing your groceries at a local farm is so much better and top 10 farm box services near London

There are so many places to buy food from nowadays, with most supermarkets stay open late into the night or even 24 hours a day. But we'd like to urge you readers towards a new way of shopping - locally. By this we mean supporting your local and small business by buying your fresh produce from them instead of supermarkets. There are so many benefits of doing this that you'll definitely love! Support your health and your community.

  1. Farm grown food tastes better.
  2. It's rich in nutrients and better for your body.
  3. It's the safest choice if you want to know where your food comes from.
  4. Local food supports local families.
  5. Farming helps preserve open spaces.
  6. Local food benefits the environment and wildlife.

There’s nothing better than cooking a meal and it tastes fantastic. Make sure to get that great, fresh taste every time with food direct from farmers. It has been proved that locally grown food tastes better! The crops are picked and sold at their peak which means they look better too.

Local food is local in its nature too. Because it doesn’t travel far there is a shorter time from when its grown and picked, to when it is delivered to you. The shorter the time between the farm and your dinner table, the better the produce is as less nutrients will be lost from the food.

There is a sense of assurance that comes with buying food from a local farmers’ market, or actually going to the site where the produce is grown. The local farmers and companies that supply their food take their responsibility for the consumer seriously.

When famers supply to large corporations like the supermarkets that we so frequently buy from, the wholesale price they get for their produce is incredibly low. Cutting out the middle man by selling directly to consumers, helps farmers get the full retail price for their crops. This supports their families and helps them stay on their land. Especially during this difficult and uncertain time for small businesses we need to show our support and solidarity to help keep these kind of businesses going. 

Farmers and their land are one and the same. Only succumbing to selling farmland when their cost of living outweighs the profit they are able to make from their food. When you buy locally grown produce you are a proactive part of keeping that farm a working part of our landscape.

When a farm is well managed it can become an ecosystem where wildlife can live. They have all the makings of a great habitat for some animals such as fertile soil and water sources.

So now you know all of this we thought it would be helpful to tell you how to get your hands on some local produce, even in our current situation - you can still get locally grown food to your door!

Farm box services are extremely popular and so convenient. These are our top 10 farm box services we know you'll love!

Local Green

Farm Drop

Abel & Cole

Planet Organic


Organic Delivery Company

Farm Direct

Pipers Farm 

The Detox Kitchen

Eversfield Organic

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