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50 Practical Tips For A More Sustainable 2019
· · 1 comment

50 Practical Tips For A More Sustainable 2019

· · 1 comment

Is having a more sustainable lifestyle part of your New Year's resolution?? It sure it on ours.

We gathered 50 practical tips on how to get started TODAY.


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1. Use LED lighting instead of normal bulbs

2. Use as much natural light as possible

3. Put up a NO JUNK MAIL sign on your letterbox

4. Dry your clothes without a dryer - better for your clothes and the environment!

5. Install water reducing accessories on your taps. In the UK you can order some for free from Thames Water here!

6. Grow your own herbs or even vegetables! Therapeutic, healthy and they can also work out as decoration inside the house

7. Turn off your devices at night including your WIFI box



8. Buy a bycicle! Depending on where you live it is sometimes even faster than other methods of transport and added bonus you can skip the gym a little more often as you are already exercising!

9. Take public transport.

10. Avoid elevators and take the stairs instead. Again added points for working out a nice booty.

11. If you MUST take a cab take a shared one!

Biking is more sustainable -


12. Find out where the closest farmer's market is! This way you could just buy fresh produce, full of nutrients without packaging!

13. Never use plastic bags at check-out please! And if you do, then at least re-use them as bin liners or around the home.

14. Buy from supermarkets aisles without plastic - there is a first one in the UK in North London and we could not be any happier! You can read more about it here. Now just Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury's and all the rest should follow through...

15. If there's no farmer's market nearby, try one of the farm delivery services. They are great also! We will write an article to tell you which ones (subscribe to the newsletter to stay tuned!)

Sustainable groceries at farmer market -


16. Buy vintage wherever possible.

17. If not, buy Aequem. OK, shameless promotion but might as well! We offer the best in truly sustainable clothing. We handpick all items and ensure they have been made in the least damaging way possible. We only have products from organic / upcycled / recycled / generally considered sustainable materials so you can truly shop with peace of mind. But even so, we recommend you think well before you shop. And this takes us to the next point..

18. Be a minimalist! Only shop for items you really like and think you will use again and again, pretty much until they break! And when they break, first repair. We will soon write an article with the best repair shops in London! Stay with us!

19. Invest in pieces that are well made so you know you can wear them for a long time. Fast fashion is literally designed to desintegrate after a season so we really recomment to avoid it at all costs!!

vintage clothing shopping as alternative


20. Go paperless for your bank statements, receipts, wherever possible.

21. Send electronic invitatons for all your events

22. Collect scrap paper so you can re-use as needed

23. Turn off all electronics before leaving the office



24. Use cloth diapers instead of regular

25. Try and use plastic free baby bottles



26. Juice the leftovers of your veggies and fruit

27. Repurpose glass jars

28. Use only re-usable straws and never plastic (metal or bamboo)

29. Don't use paper towels, use cloths

30. Use a natural wash sponge

31. Make your coffee or tea at home and take it with you in a re-usable cup. So much better and so much cheaper!

Sustainable in the kitchen by



32. Use organic / natural beauty wherever possible or even better, make your own!

33. Recycle your packages / re-use them



34. Give people experiences as gifts instead of things

35. If you want to buy something, buy sustainable

36. Re-use the wrapping paper or use cloth to wrap things



37. Use solar energy to power your phone and tablets

38. Use re-chargeable batteries where possible

39. Recycle / donate your devices, never just throw them away so they end up in landfills



40. Spend more time outside and use as much natural light as possible, better for you and for the planet

41. Eat more wholefoods and better yet, go vegan or at least become a flexitarian!

42. Plant a tree with someone

43. Borrow books instead of buying them

44. Read your favourite newspapers / magazines at the local pub or club or online

45. Prepare home cooked meals for lunches rather than buying take-away

46. Adopt pets instead of breeding them. There are so many orphaned pets who needs a family. And the same can be said for children!

47. Stop accepting disposable anything!

48. Organise yourself better so you don't throw food away - it's not that fair when there are so many food shortages in the world.

49. See what initiatives you can join in your neighbourhood to help the environment. If there are none, perhaps start one!

50. Tell others about what your are doing to inspire them! Together we can <3


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Aequem team xx


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