Look Up Smart City Tailors – Alternations Master Manchester and Liverpool

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Mending is caring. Today longevity is everything, so why do not give a second chance to your clothes as well? We have researched the best clothes repair shop in the major cities. Take a look and find your best “fixing clothes near me.”

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Look Up Smart City Tailors – Alternations Master Manchester and Liverpool

Repair Shops in Manchester 

Repair shops in the UK-Aequem.com
  • Stitches

Offering a range of alteration and repair services to garments and household items. Well established with a reputation of great customer service, high quality workmanship and quick turnaround times.

Three locations: Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds


  • Quick Stitch

Shop will perform a full range of simple or complex alterations that will bring your everyday wardrobe back to life. Using the best practices and the highest quality threads, sewing machines, materials and more for each and every alteration or repair.

Two locations in outer Manchester - Cheshire and Stockport


  • Alteration Master 

Well established with over 30 years worth of experience. A premier, full service tailoring company who are accommodating of same day alterations. Offering one-on-one consultations for a more personal, consists experience.

One location in Manchester


  • Smart City Tailors 

Repairs start from as little as £5. Discount available on multi items of more than 5 garments or on your next order when you give feedback about the service online. Has a motto of quality, speed and good value. 

One location in central Manchester


Repair Shops in Liverpool

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  • The Zip Yard

Offers an extensive list of repairs at competitive prices. Team are all highly trained to restyle, resize and mend any garment. 

Multiple Locations Including Liverpool and Leeds


  • The Sewing Bee

Not much information about the company online other than glowing recommendations from happy customers. Seems to offer all kinds of repairs and alterations including making full garments upon request.

By appointment only: Liverpool


  • Sew Jan

Offering affordable, high quality alterations and repairs. Owned by seamstress Janette, how has been in the industry for over 30 years. Praised for reasonable prices and flexible notice period.

One location: Outside Waterloo train station Liverpool


  • Made to Measure

Master tailors offering repairs. 1 hour express service. 5 star reviews!

One location: In central Liverpool


Repair Shops in Leeds

  • Make it Sew

Praised for their friendly and reliable service, Make it Sew offer alterations and repairs from minor jobs to full garments. The owner and head seamstress has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has a wealth of knowledge in different areas of repairs and alterations.

One location in Leeds


  • Alter 8

Used by large department stores, TV companies and individuals, Alter8 Clothing Alterations is an independently run business in Leeds City Centre dedicated to clothing alterations, repairs and bespoke tailoring needs.

One location in Leeds City Centre


  • Sew by Design

Owned and run by a fashion graduate who studied at Lincoln University. The company was founded in 2013, offering a repair service on all types of clothing. From a lost button to a ripped seam, they give a competitive price and speedy service.

One location in Leeds


  • Top Stitch 

Regularly working with high end materials and designers. Two owners have years worth of experience, offering a quality service tailored to the needs of the client. 

One location in Leeds



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