Sustainability with Matilde Righi!

Sustainability with Matilde Righi!

Calling all aesthetic lovers... this is the interview for you! On the blog this week we have a fun interview with Matilde, a content creator and fashion lover. Matilde shares with us her changing approach to fashion with sustainability in mind and how Aequem has helped her with this! Let's get started...


Tell us a little bit about you and your background in sustainability and fashion!

My name is Matilde Righi, I’m an aesthetic lover and that's why I decided to share my passion and I opened my instagram profile where you can find me as @matiriga.

I was born and raised in Tuscany, a land famous for Italian fashion, I'm currently majoring in medicine but the search for beauty and fashion have always been part of me.


How would you describe your style?

I love minimal things so my style is oriented more on the elegant and chic, but it is constantly evolving.

At the beginning I only wore black or white clothes but since I discovered the colour analysis I am trying to experiment with colours too and, yes, I like them a lot.

We love the aesthetic of your instagram, how do you get inspired when creating content?

First of all thank you, it makes me extremely happy to know that you appreciate my work. Being a lover of aesthetics leads me to continuously observe around me to find those beautiful details that give me inspiration, sometimes are the flowers, sometimes sunsets, sometimes breakfast, in fact my toasts are very popular.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your style?

Since pollution has become a serious problem my approach to shopping has changed, before I bought everything I saw and liked without checking the origin or the materials used, today I always check the labels and buy much less, I think it’s better to have less but better quality than too much.


Do you have any go to brands that youre loving at the moment?

I have many brands that I like, I love to experiment with different moods, different fabrics but one of my favorites for the summer is definitely House of Sunny, I love their style and their quality and above all it is a brand that is very committed to the fight against fast fashion.


How do you see the future of fashion becoming more sustainable?

I believe that sustainable fashion will take over or at least that's what I hope. The latest events have changed us a lot, I hope that people have learned to appreciate more what the world offers us, and that it is essential to respect it. Many fashion industries bodies have already begun to raise awareness on this and I hope that slowly all of them can introduce the concept of sustainable fashion in their production. quality must be at the center not only of fashion but of all our life choices.

In your opinion, how does Aequem align with your own mission when it comes to sustainability?

Aequem carries out an incredible project on the theme of sustainability by promoting quality brands that fight exploitation, writing informative articles that allow even people who are not well informed on the subject to learn, deepen understanding and change. Thanks to Aequem I discovered brands I didn't know, and aspects of fashion that I totally ignored.

What are your favourite pieces/brands on Aequem?

I'm in love with all the pieces that are on the site, but the brand that stole my heart is Oramai, it fits perfectly with my style and it's a dream. Their Amalfi dresses are wonderful, I really think I'll buy one soon.


Do you think social media influencers have a role to play in setting a more sustainable example for their followers?

Social media nowadays is one of the most powerful communication tools, for this reason they should play a fundamental role in promoting sustainable fashion. Influencers often do not realize the power they can have and forget to talk about these issues that in fact are fundamental. I hope that more and more people on social media can address these topics so that children from adolescence understand what is good for the world and for life.


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Aequem Gang xo

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