Fashion, Art & Conscious Living with Laura Stöckl

Fashion, Art & Conscious Living with Laura Stöckl

You will be reading about Laura's life, her career pathway and also some personal questions. This will be a lovely ride!


Fashion, Art & Conscious Living with Laura Stöckl


Hi Laura! Welcome to Aequem gang. Please tell us a bit about yourself to begin with!

My name is Laura Stöckl, I am half German half Luxembourgish and have lived in many metropolises - NYC, Mexico City, London, Paris, Berlin and now Amsterdam.

Currently I'm full-time working as Senior Accessories Designer for Karl Lagerfeld. Besides this, I am an Artist and have a constantly growing Instagram following of 195k. On my Instagram account I share my inspiration and passion for Art, Fashion and Travel. Luckily, since my Instagram is just a "hobby" I have the luxury to be extremely selective of who I collaborate with and I am also using this platform to share sustainability values and awareness about the fashion industry with my audience. 

What does sustainability mean to you? How do you approach this in your work and / or daily life?

Sustainability is the ONLY future in our industry (fashion/lifestyle, anything really). I try to shop without plastic waste, I try to generally not shop so much! And if I do, I want to invest in brands whose values I believe in and support (including sustainability!)

Growing up in NL, did you feel this was an important topic whilst you were young? 

Actually I am half German half Luxembourgish and grew up in a small town in Germany. And yes, actually I was raised with sustainable values. My family has always been recycling and even using organic waste (compost) for our gardening. We always gave away old clothes to charity and bought locally made products where possible.

We absolutely adore your style - how do you get inspired?

Thank you :) Well it's a cliché but I DO find inspiration everywhere. Art is probably a main source, I love to paint myself and always look at work of contemporary artists of current times but also loving the modern art era. In Amsterdam I really enjoy going to exhibitions or visiting local galleries. Besides that, it is definitely TRAVEL that inspires me. I have been lucky to live in a lot of beautiful places and also "usually" travel a lot for work - to Asia and Italy and France etc. The different cultures, art but also street signs, cafés and nature inspire me always.

You also make beautiful paintings - they feel so 'sunny' and a wonderful thing to look at, especially these days! What is your inspiration coming from and what do you get out of this passion you think?

Oh I get this question a lot about "what is my inspiration" in the most recent style I am painting. The new brushstroke technique resembles somewhat rainbows or "arrows of light" as customers and friends describe them. To be honest, I did not plan for them to look in a certain way, it is more of a feeling I wanted to express. I started working on these paintings in February/March 2020 during lockdown. I would sit down on my living room floor and feel the sunlight shine in through the window.. and think of the people I love and wish them health and happiness. And somehow I would then start to pick colors and do intuitive painting/ organic shape brushstrokes. And this is what came out. I started doing little A5 color tests, and then went on to doing 100 x 100cm square paintings. My favourites are still the 20x20x4cm squares which are like a compressed moment of joy. I did want to somehow give a feeling of hope and joy in the present moment and it is always the most beautiful news for me when happy customers describe my paintings as such :-) .

Amsterdam is so great for vintage finds... what are your favourite stores? Are you willing to tell us? ;))

Oh there are a lot of good ones and I am actually quite sure that I have not yet explored them all! But my current super favourite one are CandyStore and PennyLane.

These are curated vintage shops which have very carefully handpicked selection of luxury brand well maintained styles in combination with a very nice street style attitude. I actually love vintage shopping, somehow the sizes from the past fit me better than most new brands today (I'm petite!) 

Do you have a beauty / lifestyle routine, and if so can you share with us? What are the things that you can't skip each week?

Well especially this year my focus majorly goes into "staying healthy" above all. Meaning I have started to make sure I get my ideally 8 hours of sleep every night and work out regularly. I'm obsessed with Saints & Stars, my favourite gym classes and usually have a protein shake after working out. I work out about 4 times a week, combining HIIT and Yoga.In terms of products, I don't use much, I have tried quite a few luxurious beauty cremes but keep going back to L'OCCITANE Immortelle Reset Serum, which is super light weight and just refreshing and replenishing. 

Nutrition wise I try to not drink during the week and try to replace candy with fruit and nuts where possible.. However.. I don't do diets. I love to treat myself and I love food, I just make sure to mix in some rich vegetables and salads to keep a balance. 

As to lifestyle, I have started learning Mandarin Chinese and do my lessons for this every morning, now since more than 210 days consecutively. This gives me a kick of motivation to start the day while drinking my coffee.

What are your favourite things about Aequem / did you see anything that caught your eye?  

OMG I love the current "Winter Sun" edit featuring Portuguese in up-cycled and organic materials. My favourite brand here would be SIZ - I love the beige top and skirt combo and the Orange-White puffer jacket with matching jeans - OMG!!! So me <3 Makes me want to go ski and sit in the winter sun, somewhere lovely in the mountains... 

Since I am an Accessories Designer myself and LOVE wearing statement pieces / styling them for my instagram, I am also big fan of the big reversible hats in organic cotton by the Spanish brand ROMUALDA

AND!!  I could keep going on here but only one more - I LOVE the sunglasses by WIRES Glasses, handmade in Italy. I've designed sunglasses for Dior and have an obsession with high end craftsmanship and material in this field.

I'm really impressed with Aequem's perfectly edited selection of unique brands and products, each of them telling a story.

Thank you so much Laura! We are so pleased some pieces caught your eye <3 Which areas of sustainability in fashion - as you are a designer too - you think everyone needs to embrace more?

It really annoys me that so many brands from luxury houses to high street/mass market are now CLAIMING to be sustainable but they keep churning out collections every 1-2 months, bringing no real newness but just continuously trying to convince the customer that they need yet another piece of clothing cause it's a slightly different colorway or has a different logo on it.

I think we really should refocus on adding value and bringing newness with our designs and to limit the collection to smaller ones, less, but more precious. Maybe the sweater will be more expensive but it's handmade in a Swiss mountain village and fully sustainable material..  The possibilities are endless. But it is in my opinion not enough to just use recycled cotton and call it a sustainable collection.

Can you leave us with your favourite quote / mantra? Or any lovely words you wish!

I love quotes and have a little notebook where I write them down on a regular basis.. On my work desk I have a quote that I see every morning when I start to work:


It sounds a bit selfish maybe but actually I think of it as something very selfless. We are all in the power to change the world and that change needs to start WITHIN us. We need to see, accept and embrace responsibility in everything we do. This is maybe a little "serious" but its also a very happy thought - we can try over and start every day, every day we wake up we have the amazing opportunity to live and shine a light in this world :-)


THANK YOU SO MUCH LAURA!! We enjoyed this insight into your world so very much, and especially loved your last words - we wholeheartedly AGREE!

 For anyone wanting to explore more of Laura's world, we invite you check out her beautiful Instagram and also her personal website.


XX Aequem team


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