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There's been a lot of discussion about how each household can be more sustainable. Green energy is one great switch you can make as energy solutions! We caught up with Janne from ECOHZ, a leading global provider of renewable energy solutions, to get to know more about the topic.


Start a Green Energy Business – EcoHz


Start a Green Energy Business -


How did you start working in the green energy industry and what motivated you?

I gave birth to three boys within five years, and at that time my husband worked most of the time abroad or in another city. We did not have any family in Oslo to help us therefore I quit my job as Marketing Director to work on my own, so I could manage to pick up and deliver the boys in two different kindergartens. I started an agency with Scandinavian children’s clothing and while having the business Irealisedhow much cotton, water, pesticides and harmful colouringit took to make small pieces of children’s clothing. When my husband started working in Oslo again, I decided to return to business life and work with something more meaningful – that makes a change.That is how I ended up at ECOHZ.
Could you please tell us more about ECOHZ? What are its advantages compared to other companies?

ECOHZ vision isChanging Energy Behaviour.ECOHZ wants to be a game changer – driving the renewable energy industry forward. The company has been a pioneer in renewable energy, and with 18 years of experience it has become one of the leading independent suppliers in Europe and also globally. We offer global renewable energy solutions to businesses and electricity providers. ECOHZ works with international companies - providing renewable energy solutions to all their global operations - to make them reach their sustainability goals.  

How damaging is the energy industry? Are there any statistics or figures that you could share with us?

Power generation is responsible for 30-40% of global emissions, of which businesses are responsible for half. Doubling the global share of renewable power by 2030 is a key factor to curb the worst effects of serious global heating. This is based on the IPCC report that lays out key targets and pathways needed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. By 2030, global CO2 emissions need to be reduced by at least 45%, compared to 2010 levels. One of the critical elements in reaching the 45% reduction, is a fast transition from fossil to renewable power generation. On a global scale the renewable share needs to double from 25% to 50% by 2030.


Start a Green Energy Business
Why is it so important to be environmentally conscious when it comes to our energy usage?

Let me use the textile industry as an example. Every stage of the textile industry’s supply chain is energy-intensive, from processing yarn, producing fabric, and fabricating textiles, to transporting and selling clothes to customers. Transforming the garment sector to run on renewable energy is vital for a more sustainable society. Customers are also increasingly concerned with how their clothes are made.

Fashion, designer and retail companies are increasingly working to reduce their carbon footprint. Using renewable energy in their operations and supply chain is an important step in achieving this. H&M, Marks & Spencer, Burberry and Nike are just four of more than 200 influential companies that have joined the collaborative global RE100 initiative, which commits them to use 100% renewable energy to power all their global operations.

The textile industry has a long and complex value chain that includes many suppliers. Recognising that emissions located in the supply chain are on average 5.5 times as high as those from direct operations, supply chain focus is increasing.  How important do you think changing to green energy is for the future of our planet, customers and companies? How quickly should this switch happen?
We experience Climate Emergency. We have seen many new temperature records, continued increase in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and more extreme weather than ever before. The science of climate change is well established - now it’s the time to act and reduce our emissions.

ECOHZ sees that customers, employees and investors expect companies to be responsible and act on climate. This also impacts performance, and sustainable brands experience higher growth. It is important that the regulatory facilitates the businesses shift to a carbon-free society, but also every one of us must change our behaviour and contribute to this shift. One way is buying sustainable clothing, repair damaged clothes and buy and sell second hand – and try to avoid fast fashion.
What does a working day at ECOHZ look like?

I start with breakfast and updating myself by mail, LinkedIn and Twitter on what has happened in the industry during nighttime in Oslo. In the winter I drive my electric car and park to take the public transport into the city. In the summer year I ride my e-bike to work to get some exercise and fresh air. Our main office is in the centre of Oslo, encouraging employees and guests to use public transport or ride a bike to work, reducing the use of cars. In ECOHZ we take sustainability seriously. When arriving at the office I always update myself on the different projects I am working on with the different teams in our organisation or with our communication agency. We have exciting development projects e.g. on products and digital platforms. Marketing and communication plans are made, and I need to initiate the activities during the week as communicating products, news or events on web and social media. Both for general branding and getting leads for the sales team. Some days can be filled up with meetings but when I really feel that I get work done is on those days you can just work alone – thinking, planning and executing.


What are your favourite parts about your job?

The most exciting is planning and working on press releases together with our customers and partners. When companies start planning to use renewable energy, they should follow the three Cs; Commit, Collaborate and Communicate. I come in between ‘collaborate and communicate’ and work on messages and communication packages – for both internal and external use – with partners and companies. If there is a news item in the package, it isextraordinary rewarding. When you see the press release being spread among international sustainability magazines and on social media, it is a good feeling.
It has been a great pleasure getting to know more about you and learning more about ECOHZ,  if you could give one piece of advice to our readers to take away with them, what would it be?

Take climate and sustainability seriously, and a good place to start is the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - to prioritise certain global goals where you can make the biggest impact. Everyone must contribute if we are going to pass on a healthy planet to our grandchildren.


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