Oramai London; The Sustainable Fashion Label by Isabella Broden

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In this article, we would like to introduce Isabella Broden owner of the fashion label Oramai. Isabella is a freelance stylist and an art director, she will tell us all about Oramai London and how her journey started in fashion.

Oramai London; The Sustainable Fashion Label by Isabella Broden

Hello Isabella, we hope you are doing well! Please start by telling us a little about yourself and what motivated you to create Oramai.
After a decade working for the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as well as prominent luxury brands like Graff Diamonds and Ralph & Russo, Oramai started as a personal voyage against the misuse of resources in the fashion industry. I was struck by a simple question that stuck: “How can my personal values be aligned to those of the fashion industry?”. This thought eventually took shape and gave birth to Oramai. Oramai, Italian for “by now”, is a sustainable luxury label that brings a timeless and clean aesthetic to the modern woman’s wardrobe. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we represent and at Oramai, we believe that “by now”, consumers should expect the highest quality of craftsmanship to be produced in the most environmentally ethical way.                   
Isabella Broden Label Organic Linen Oramai on Aequem.com
All your pieces are made from linen - is there a particular method you use to get inspired when designing new pieces? What made you choose 100% GOTS organic certified linen?
In the search for sustainable materials, I discovered that organic linen is pesticide free and produced by protecting the farmers, factory workers and ultimately the end consumer. I am proud to be associated with organic farmers and spinners, all of whom contribute significantly to preserving the heritage and legacy of authentic Belgian linen. My designs are inspired from nature and elegance, with the vision of reinventing and innovating linen, and making it an everyday essential in the modern woman’s wardrobe. My commitment is to make everlasting collections without compromising on ethics and values, taking into account where the linen is sourced from, how it is produced and who is involved in the process: Luxury with a Conscience or in other words; Sustainable Luxury.   
Sustainable organic linen Oramai on Aequem.com Isabella Broden

Aequem was built from the ground up with sustainability in mind, no compromises. Tell us what sustainability means to you and Oramai? Could you pinpoint a particular part of the fashion industry that really made you want to make a change?


After working a decade within the luxury fashion sector, I was appalled by how luxury leather goods where burnt if they weren’t sold to keep the market balanced or how much plastic and waste went into producing one product. Also being a graphic designer, the amount of packaging that was produced that later was going to waste was incredible, yes it made it look nice but to what price? And this started my own voyage toward sustainability, to ask yourself: Do we need this? Who made it? How is it made? And if we start questioning those everyday life choices, I believe we can all contribute towards a sustainable future.

We love the simplicity and effortless cool. How did you develop this aesthetic? How does it influence the brand? 

I’m constantly fascinated by timeless elegance, how some pieces just look good and modern forever. That is a big influence in my design approach; How can I make someone like this in 10 years? What cut will look good even if the person in charge changes body type? Like the Amalfi Dress for example, it works when you are pregnant too – great!

Shop Organic Linen Suit from Oramai on Aequem.com



What is your favourite way to style your pieces and does this vary in different locations? How would you best describe the Oramai customer?

 All my designs are very versatile, The Amalfi Dress for Example you can wear as a dress buttoned all the way down, or in the chillier month you add a pair of jeans over and wear it open to the waist as a shirt dress, or alternate it wearing it completely open as a jacket.

                      Khaki Belgian Organic Linen Dress from Oramai London label on Aequem.com Oramai London - Shop Amalfi Dresses on Aequem


Okay, so now more about you...
  Describe a typical day in your life and what your dream day would look like!


It’s pretty much as it is right now – but with less emails!! I wake up at 7 am, head out to my horse and ride for a good hour. On the way back to London I do my morning calls, quick shower, light lunch and head to my store that we use as an office and run my other venture @sustainablestorelondon. Afternoon is filled with appointments with clients and press and evenings I prefer cosy dinner with close friends.
Organic Linen Jacket Oramai on Aequem.com


How would you describe your style? What items to you always carry around with you?


I always carry with me my personalised hemp made ‘pom pom bag’ by Oramai, the perfect clutch to carry all your important stuff and not too easy to loose with your name on it.


Now that we are almost at the end of the year... any pros and / or cons from 2020?


I always believed in local production, because that’s how things should be and COVID has again proven me that it’s better to do thing closer to where you live.
   Out of your current collection, what would you say is your must-have piece and why?


Amalfi Dress, it’s just perfect.
Amalfi Dress in Organic Linen Oramai on Aequem.com

 Oramai London - Shop Amalfi Dresses on Aequem


It has been a great pleasure getting to know more about you and getting a feel for Oramai, if you could give one piece of advice to our readers to take away with them, what would it be?  


Sustainability can be quite overwhelming, but I think that together we can do great change and before lecturing the neighbour about recycling look at your everyday behaviours. Maybe you can bicycle to work today? Maybe you bring your lunch in your own lunch box?

Did you notice all that plastic from the supermarket? Maybe find an alternative? Where is your electricity coming from? Is it green? Am I recycling? If we start with ourselves, we can create greater things together.



 Isabella Broden - wears Nomade Suit Trousers in Black and Nomade Suit Jacket in Black  



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