Introduction to.. Qnoop

Introduction to.. Qnoop

Qnoop is a creative label that brings together a passion for aesthetics and design with a 100% sustainable mindset. Out of this combination they created Qnoop socks. As designers, they make sure every single thing about our products is distinctive. Details matter and high quality is key.

Hello Ella, tell us a little about yourself and Qnoop!

I am Ella Bril and I am the Brand Manager of QNOOP. After I finished my internship at QNOOP and my bachelor in Fashion and Business I stayed working for QNOOP. Mainly because it suits me so well and I really enjoy working here. QNOOP is sustainable socks brand, with a focus on design and quality. I really love that about the brand.

All your pieces are so fun and playful - how do you get inspired when designing new pieces?

We find inspiration in the world around us; from art to architecture, from people to technology. We bring these influences together in our creative process — whether that means using ethically sourced materials or collaborating with parties that hold the same principles.

We apply our design aesthetics to each and every one of our products, resulting in beautifully designed socks that we consider to be daily style-starters.

For us here at Aequem sustainability is everything. Tell us what sustainability means to you and Qnoop?

Our approach to sustainability is simple. Style shouldn’t stand in the way, but should go hand in hand with the environment. So that’s what we do.

We believe sustainability means creating products that last long, of the highest possible quality. Also, we claim to solve the missing sock problem. Did you know we lose approximately 1.3 socks every month? We all know what happens to the left-over one. We throw it away. Not very sustainable. Our socks have a button and a loop, to tie your socks together before washing them. So, you’ll never lose one anymore. A very smart and funny gimmick.

Haha we totally agre! We completely fell in love with that feature when we discovered it :) We also love the fact that Qnoop is produced in Europe. How did you develop this approach?

We produce QNOOP socks in Portugal, to keep our footprint as small as possible. Also, they really know how to make the best socks over there. We have a strong and close relationship with our producers.

How or wear do you like to wear your pieces?

All day, every day. Once you go QNOOP socks, you never go back.


Okay, so now more about you…


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? 

 I snooze :)

If you could wear only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? (not including your fave pieces from your label, obviously.)

Vintage levis jeans. They’re so freaking comfy and I really love the history attached to it. I often wonder who else wore the jeans.

If you were a celebrity, who would you be?

I really don’t know. I guess I would like to be an actress in Game of Thrones. But I can’t choose which one. They’re all really amazing.

Out of your current collection, which is your favourite piece and why?

The Hockney socks are my favorites right now. Because I really love the color combination and I like the inspiration behind it. It was inspired by the famous artist David Hockney. He’s a true inspiration for me as well. A true icon.


It has been great getting to know more about you and Qnoop, if you could give one piece of advice to our readers to take away with them, what would it be?

Go quality, not quantity. And buy QNOOP socks :)


Thank you Ella, It was lovely to have you! Reader's don't forget to subscribe and check out the full collection from Qnoop here



Aequem team

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