Intro To.. Menesthò

Intro To.. Menesthò

Menesthò focuses their designs on producing identifiable and refined organic resortwear synonymous with the highest of quality.  Using Italian vita fabric in an array of colour and pattern, Menesthò offers unique swimwear made for those craving distinction and sustainability.  We sat down with the founder to hear more about their story!

Hello Vicky, tell us a little about yourself and how you created Menesthò!

I am from Greece & leaved and worked in Italy and Switzerland before moving to the UK. My first degree is in Financial Engineering (yes nothing to do with fashion) and I have a Master degree in Fashion Project Management (Yes!!! finally something relevant to my passion). After taking my master degree I started working in fashion jumping from company to company and different departments (I worked in buying, allocation, visual merchandising, social media management) to learn the industry from the inside. Working for different kind of companies (from luxury to high street and everything in the between) I realized none approach to the collections or the ethos of doing business was aligned to my personal ethics. But it was only after Rana Plaza that I decided I needed out but also remaining to make a difference. Teaming up with George (my brother, family business here!) we created Menestho starting with Resortwear collections and moving to Swimwear only 2 years after our brand launch, aiming to make a positive impact in sustainable fashion.

All your pieces are timeless and long term additions to one's closet- how do you get inspired when designing new pieces?

Designing new collection is my favorite time of the year! My inspiration comes always by the nature. We have so many beautiful things surrounding us, if only we all stopped for a minute our frenetic lives and look around. The inspiration can come from anything around me, a flower, a shape, an animal, the deep sea, the bright sun, a trip. And I will use my inspiration not only to develop the new shapes but also to design our digital printing patterns. Every collection has a theme but they all mix and match together.

For us here at Aequem sustainability is everything. Tell us what sustainability means to you and Menesthò?

Sustainability for me is having a nice place to live. And that doesn’t include waste around our houses, plastics in the beach, dead animal because they can only find plastic to eat or they are skinned alive because we “need” their shinning fur. Sustainability is live and let others to live too.

As Diogenes (Greek philosopher) said: “Don’t take away from me what you can’t give me” (he was referring to the sun). So for me sustainability is exactly that, don’t take away from the humanity what you can’t create, what nature gave to us. So if you can’t recreate the ocean don’t kill it with your waste, if you can’t recreate an animal don’t kill it with your actions, if you can’t recreate the sun, step away and let me absorb its warmth. For Menestho that translates to operate without harming our environment and having the minimum possible impact, that’s why we use recycled materials for our lines, reusable packaging, we have business cards made of used t-shirts and we try our best to turn every aspect of our business sustainable and ethical.

We love that your swimsuits are reversible.  How did you develop this aesthetic?

I am a frequent traveler. I love being around exploring new places and my favorite places are the ones near a beach. When I was younger I was buying a lot of swimsuits for the beach and for the pool, I was driving my mom crazy that I wanted 3 new bikinis every season just because I couldn’t show up in front of my friends the whole summer with the same bikini every day. So I thought that if you have a reversible bikini you don’t have to buy more than one. You can turn it around and have 4 in one and every day have a different combination on. Also it helps you pack light for that long holiday trip around the globe and remain stylish. Is a win-win situation.

How or where do you like to wear your pieces?

Obviously the beach would be my first choice. But I use them also to the pool, every time I go to a spa, playing beach volley (although I am developing a line that is more supportive for this purpose) but also as a bodysuit with a pair of jeans during spring or autumn. Sometimes I use the bikini tops also when going clubbing as a bra under extremely backless tops. During summer holidays or holidays in beach destinations can be my only outfit for the whole day (combined with one of our beach wraps made from bamboo silk).

Okay, so now more about you…

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? 

Open the blinds in my room and check the sun! If there is Sun I know my day will be perfect, if is not I hope it will come out later. After that, coffee, coffee & coffee.

If you could wear only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? (not including your fave pieces from your label, obviously.)

It would be leggings. Love to feel comfortable and free to move whether i am working, practicing yoga or just hanging out with friends.

If you were a celebrity, who would you be?

I would be Emma Watson! I admire her talent and her fight for sustainability and ethical treatment. I love the fact that she chooses to wear sustainable brands and uses her influence for something actually good!

Out of your current collection, which is your favourite piece and why?

One piece Nemesis, especially in the parrot digital print, because you can change the pattern of the strings on your back and create your own design by passing the strings through the loops in many different combinations.

It has been great getting to know more about you and French Kiss Studio, if you could give one piece of advice to our readers to take away with them, what would it be?

Care! It doesn’t matter what you care about! Just care about something! I feel that our society becomes so shucked up to a screen that forgets that they are alive. And there is life around them. We stopped care about the people around us, the animals if they suffer for our own pleasure, the forest near our home if its burn to the ground, the marine life struggling to survive between so much plastic. Indifference is the worst enemy of our future.


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