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How to celebrate Easter sustainably and safely!
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How to celebrate Easter sustainably and safely!

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During this time of uncertainty and stress for many we thought it would be of use and entertainment to share some ways you can be sustainable this Easter whilst keeping safe and indoors! Safety is the most important thing at the moment but we don't want it to stand in the way everyone having a happy Easter:) 

When we think of Easter, there are so many wonderful memories and traditions that come to mind. Family getting together, celebrating and eating. But the truth is, if you ask anyone what their favourite part about Easter is, you will no doubt all receive similar responses. It’s all about the chocolate. The Easter egg hunt is a long upheld tradition in my home, but one day we got to thinking about how we could update this and make it more sustainable. Ethical chocolate became the centre of our new Easter egg hunts. There are loads of options out there you’ll feel spoilt for choice including vegan, palm oil free and Fairtrade.

Our personal favourites are Dutch chocolate company Tony's Chocolonely and Green and Blacks.

Now if you’re thinking about your Easter roast and what fancy concoctions you want to try your hand at this year, consider purchasing local produce. If you eat meat and eggs, please choose organic and free-range options from local farmers. They will really need your support at this time, we cannot stress enough how support local business and small producers through this crisis is ESSENTIAL. They will be really grateful too! If you wanted to you could try to cut out meat altogether, reducing your meat intake is great for the planet and can actually taste just as good if not better!

Find some of your new favourite recipes here (Good Housekeeping).

As for decorations, I don’t know about you but we like to go all out. The best part about it? It’s all reused decorations, making sure sustainability is at the heart of our Easter décor. Steer clear from plastic bunnies and baskets, instead fill your home with more natural decorations like painted stones and re-purpose old gift bags into baskets for the Easter egg hunt or hats. This will help cut single use plastic out of your Easter celebrations. What’s more, all these things you’ll either already have in your house or can find in the garden. Eliminating the need to leave the house and take any risks. Safety is key!

We all know this isn’t the way anyone wanted to spend their Easter and for some families being confined like this will be a challenge. An easy way to keep your household entertained and get some exercise in, even over the Easter period, could be to organise some family friendly workouts or yoga sessions. Even with children this can be a great way to get them active and perhaps a little worn out so you can tuck into your Easter dinner with a glass of wine in peace.

Our favourite SixtyNinety set. Shop the Aequem activewear edit for clothes that will make you look and feel great during your workouts!


For some this Easter, what is usually a bustling day full of family may be a little lonely. Repeat after us… PAMPER DAY. Run yourself a bath and grab your favourite book. Take this time to relax and treat yourself. Time to give your body a bit of TLC after everything and get into a good headspace.

We recommend 58 Lifestyle for all your pampering needs.



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Stay safe, Aequem xo