Get to know our sustainable fabrics on Aequem today!

Get to know our sustainable fabrics on Aequem today!

Here at Aequem we ensure all our brands are 100% sustainable. We want to make sure that our customers know exactly what they're getting from our brands. 

To understand whether a material is truly sustainable, we must look at the materials lifespan – cradle to grave. This means considering sourcing and farming; production in factories; product use; and disposal. It is down to you to ensure you use a product in the most sustainable way. After all, buying a recycled organic cotton shirt, wearing it once then throwing it away is more wasteful than reusing a non- sustainably sourced shirt and donating or recycling at the end of its life. You see? Lets get to know the sustainable fabrics on Aequem...

Natural Fibres

Natural fibres are biodegradable, plastic-free and often organic. The following fabrics are an outline of the main natural fibres on the market at the moment...


Cotton is light, breathable and incredibly versatile. A very common fabric used across the world. Organic cotton ensures no pesticides or chemicals are used in production that harm the environment. Check the brand is GOTS-certified to ensure the cotton is produced under high standards. To do this, we suggest you always check the label of a product to find out its material value.

Recycled cotton is a more sustainable option by giving a new lease of life to post-consumer waste. This reduces energy and water usage and prevents waste. Something that at Aequem, we are big supporters of.

Organic Backless Jumper Navy - Fabric For Freedom. New brand on Aequem!

Cargo Pant Utility Trouser, Sand


Hemp is a long lasting material that can cool in summer and heat in winter. Organic hemp uses little water, no pesticides or fertilisers in the growing stage. Therefore it has little environmental impact! In fact, hemp even fertilises the soil allowing better growing conditions in the future, giving a little back to our damaged planet.

Dulse Orange Skirt

Kelp Orange Trousers


Linen is a light material that can withstand high temperatures and resist moisture and bacteria, therefore it needs little water. Organic linen is tough, its ability to withstand bacteria means it needs no pesticides and can grow in nutrient poor soil.

Linen White Shirt 

Linen Jumpsuit in Navy


Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, absorbent and antibacterial. It is a fast growing crop that can re-generate from its own roots - amazing! It will never need replanting and doesn't require fertiliser. 

Organic Cotton Bamboo Black Triangle Bra

Organic Cotton Bamboo Flared Pants


Wool is resilient and water-resistant, making it fantastic outdoor wear. Although not vegan, organic wool avoids the use of harmful chemicals. Look out for Soil Association or OF&G certified producers for the highest standards.

Pleated Tank in Black

A-line T-shirt in Sea Green


Look out for un-dyed, unbleached or naturally dyed  silk to ensure no harmful chemicals are used in the process. Ahimsa ‘peace silk’ is a cruelty-free alternative where the silkworm is not killed in the process. The most sustainable type is Tussar silk, where silk is harvested in forests after the wild silkworms have left of their own accord. This type of silk is most common in India. 

White Wool / Silk Pants

White Wool / Silk Top


Sustainable leather is waste prevention, where every part of an animal is used. Using a byproduct of the meat industry means no more land or resources are required to grow the initial material. 

Tanning leather is traditionally chemical free, however many modern processes use harsh chemicals that damage the environment. The process should use natural products such as vegetables, wood, leaves and berries. This leaves the leather treated to extend life, but is crucially non-polluting and biodegradable.

Sia Shopper Tote - Black

Sia Shopper Tote - Tan

Fish Leather 

Fish leather is an eco friendly alternative to traditional leather whereby the discarded fish skin from the seafood industry is utilised to make a material (only taken from non-endangered species). It’s a month long process that produces a sustainable leather that has been said to be more durable that cows leather, waste and odour free.

Kombucha Leather

This organic and biodegradable material is a product of bacteria and yeast. It can be grown far more efficiently than traditional leather because it doesn't rely on any animal produce. Using kombucha the textile grows thicker with each brew, feeding on the nutrients of the tea.

Kombucha Leather Jacket  - One of a kind kombucha leather jacket by textile graduate Taylor Wilson UEL. Shop exclusively on Aequem!


Natural rubber in sustainably managed plantations can be a great option due to its unique elastic, moldable and bouncy properties. Avoid synthetic rubber, there is no substitute for the real thing. 



Natural latex is found mainly in rubber trees in tropical regions like Sri Lanka. In a milky liquid form it is harvested without harming the trees, making it a sustainable process. This form of natural latex can also be recycled.

Latex Choker - Nicoline Hansen

Studded Latex Belt - Nicoline Hansen


High-tech Synthetic Fabrics


Best used in activewear due to its antibacterial and moisture repelling properties. TENCEL® is made from wood pulp and requires less energy and water than cotton. A great sustainable alternative to reduce water usage!

Sienna U-Back Bralette

Ivy Thong


Piñatex is a vegan leather alternative made from pineapple leaf fibre. Not only is it a perfect cruelty- free alternative to leather, it reduces waste and supports communities as leaf fibres are a by-product of pineapple farming.


Econyl is a recycled fabric that uses plastic waste like fishing nets and regenerates it into a new nylon fibre. Although the process is intensive and microplastics can be released without careful washing, this is an incredibly versatile and durable material.


Rosemary One Piece Swimsuit

Lagoon One Piece Swimsuit


Qmonos is a synthetic spider silk with incredible strength and flexibility, making a certain fiction become reality! Look out for this on the market as it has only been opened up to the public recently.


We hope you've enjoyed our guide to sustainable materials, hopefully this has answered any questions you may have had about the materials stocked on our website, and sustainable materials in general! 

We believe in the power of balance. Balance within ourselves, balance between people and the planet. Shop Aequem.  

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