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Coronavirus - the real impact Covid-19 has had on the environment.
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Coronavirus - the real impact Covid-19 has had on the environment.

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As the UK enters the second 3-week phase of lockdown, many among us have come to realise there are many different ways we can look at it. Some families are spending more time together than they ever have, bonding and sharing experiences. For some, this is the most time off work they’ve ever had, a break well needed. We all have come to appreciate the National Health Service more than ever before. As we unite for further lockdown and time away from our usual routine, some have come to notice what the consequences of coronavirus are in relation to the environment.



CO2 emissions have fallen sharply across the world, but what has been happening in each place? In such a short period of time we’ve seen dramatic changes to the landscape of our world. Venice, a city re-known for its winding canals has reported the clearest water they’ve ever seen. Local residents say they can see little fish and crabs that the muddy canal floor would’ve obscured!



The Himalayan Mountains can be seen from Northern India for the first time in over 30 years! For some living in the area, this will be the first time they’ve ever seen it.



New York, one of the busiest cities in the world has been hit hard by the virus there’s no questioning it. But in the wake of a city wide lockdown, researchers at Columbia University say carbon monoxide levels are down nearly 50% in comparison to this time last year. This comes directly from fewer cars being on the road polluting the streets. Traffic levels have reportedly reduced by a third during this time.



China, the originating country of covid-19 has seen a 25% drop of energy usage and significant falls in nitrogen dioxide. This is due to fewer cars on the road and a dip in industrial activity. This is the same in Italy and the UK, where similar lockdown limitations have been in place.

Although, what we love the most is the wildlife that in the absence of human interference have come out and made us laugh! In Wales, images of a herd of goats roaming the streets was downright bizarre but a joy to onlookers. This image really put a smile on our faces! Taking control and exploring.



Clearly the goats didn't get the memo - essential outings only!

In Chile, a wild puma ventured down from the surrounding hills into the city centre. Completely deserted, it must have been an intriguing sight for the animal that could resist its curiosity. As have the deer in Japan, shocked at the sight of no humans around, they have been on the move out of their park into the city.

Orcas have been recorded coming nearer inland off the coast of Vancouver and Northern America for the first time in decades. Marcelo Giagnoni, the director of the agricultural and livestock service has said ‘this is the habitat that they once had, and we took away from them’. This is nature reclaiming what once was theirs.

Whilst the knowledge of natures liberation during this time has come as a comfort to us, our hearts are with each any every one of you at home. 

Stay safe, Aqueam Team xo