100 Best Organic Restaurants

100 Best Organic Restaurants
Discover healthy eating again with this comprehensive list of the very best organic restaurants across the world! If eating healthy and delicious find is important, this is the list for you... 

100 Best Organic Restaurants


With a menu of light, modern and carefully prepared dishes reflecting the restaurant’s open, airy design, de Kas is Amsterdam’s finest sustainable restaurant. Using sustainably grown organic vegetables produced either on site or the head chef’s field outside the city, this Michelin star restaurant is a must visit if you’re in the Dutch capital.

Set within rolling vineyards and olive groves is the beautifully designed, tranquil retreat of São Lourenço do Barrocal. And at the centre of this five star hotel is their world-renowned restaurant, Hortelão. Serving homegrown vegetables, organic veal and locally caught fish, Restaurant Hortelão’s seasonal, farm to plate menu is guaranteed to have your mouth watering.

A member’s club set in the traditional Oxford countryside, Soho Farmhouse is one of the coolest, most sought after locations to visit in the UK today. With four restaurants on offer, you’re also certain to find a meal which suits your every desire. From Japanese grills to wood-oven pizzas, there’s plenty of choice, all of which will have you craving to come back for more.

Arguably the world’s most famous and exclusive restaurant, Noma is one of Copenhagen’s finest achievements. For years it has featured as the very best restaurant in the world, thanks to head chef René Redzepi's reinvention of traditional Nordic cuisine for a modern palette, which places sustainability at the fore.

Set in the rolling Tuscan hills, this boutique Michelin-star restaurant prides itself on it’s innovative farm-to-plate menu which prioritises traditional local ingredients. Meat is always from local farms, whilst fish is as fresh as possible on that morning’s catch. Set with 13 acres of stunning gardens, Meo Modo merges nature and luxury both on and off the plate.

At the heart of the Camargue, La Chassagnette's Garden draws its uniqueness from the soil of the Rhône delta. Through the chef's Enouters, both far and near, bonds arecreated and come to fruition, blossoming into sensual and spiritual inspirations. This is a casual yet stylish and luxurious restaurant, offers extremely fresh, quality and simple dishes.
At Heckfield Place, it is believed that the very best tasting food is locally and responsibly grown. It allows diners to experience the excitement and immediacy of food served straight from the earth. From the interiors of marble, slate and wood, to the views across the woodland and lakes, Marle restaurant is connected to the surrounding landscape in every way.
Petersham is a family-run business which combines their love for nature and earth with a passion for delivering products and services in a calming environment. Now with four sites across London, their products are all organic, with bread and pastries freshly baked everyday. 
In the middle of the organic garden one finds the Food Circle – Sublime Comporta´s outdoor organic restaurant. This is a dynamic space, based on sustainable production and inspired by the principles of Permaculture. Here, only ancestral cooking methods are used and fire has a leading role leaving behind modern techniques giving precedence to the land and history that is part of us.
Time for a romantic gateway! This place is all about excellence and authenticity. Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco situated within one of the oldest and best-preserved estates in Tuscany, it is infused with breathtaking natural beauty, Italian heritage and lifestyle, and a vibrant culture defined by centuries of history and traditions.
If you are likely to be in Amalfi or nearby don't miss this hidden gem! Peaceful place with great view and garden. Everything is homemade fresh everyday accordingly to availability from the garden. Family owned business, don't miss the lemonade and follow the advise of the chef.
New Vegas is pioneering the new way to create vegan food with a fully vegetarian kitchen. Their restaurant offers a unique experience taking a vegetable-based twist to iconic dishes.
Situated in Norway's third largest city, this Michelin star restaurant has a seasonal menu which changes daily dependent on what local fishermen have to offer. This restaurant is like a food spa, which aims to give guests a holistic experience of well-being and nutrition, whilst remaining wholly sustainable.
With a dedicated artisan team sourcing product from their organic Cotswolds farm, Daylesford Brompton Cross make the finest, award-winning ‘real meals’, such as freshly prepared soups, stews and more. Proudly using only the freshest vegetables and fruits that are specifically in season, each visit will offer new menu options.
RE-NAA is a two Michelin star produce-driven restaurant with a passion to display the best from farmers, hunters, and fishermen in the local Stavanger region. Working hard to become a zero waste restaurant, their menu is clearly influenced by the beautiful mountains and fjords which surrounds the restaurant.
This vegan restaurant and bar serves veganized versions of bar food, Bavarian food, burgers, and delectable desserts. If you’re looking for a superb vegan pub experience, head to Bodhi. Everything on the menu sounds amazing and it’s all homemade and 100% vegan.
The goal of the chefs at Lysverket is to “give their guests a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of their region and the possibilities for the future in terms of sustainable food". Try their signature dish of grilled broccoli and asparagus with salted cod roe purée for an authentic Norwegian flavour.
Simone's Kitchen see themselves as having a duty to raise awareness around healthy lifestyles and food, specifically through teaching people how to cook delicious, nutritious organic meals. They utilise the highest grade of organic, fresh ingredients for their meal preparations.
Most of the ingredients used at Tüfi are grown and produced in the local region. In the game season, their meat is delivered from a forest only six to ten kilometres away. Other meat comes from farming and fish is caught by the kitchen themselves. Finding a more authentically local menu is nigh on impossible.
 Pork with blue potatoes and seasonal vegetables, fillets of trout with green asparagus from Stüsslingen and goat stew with saffron and black polenta are just some of the traditional signature dishes available at Landhotel Hirschen. As a hotel, their employees are regularly educated to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. 
The team at Rechberg 1837 work closely with small, organic farmers from the local area, who specialise in local, traditional breeds of vegetables and animals. With a leaf-to-root approach, a strict no-waste policy, and a selective choice of producers, dining at Rechberg 1837 guarantees responsible handling of the local environment and its produce.
Rogan & Co was awarded its first Michelin star in October 2018. Executive Chef Tom Barnes, previously at L'Enclume, showcases the style and techniques that Simon has become known for whilst also using the finest in Lake District produce.
The menu at La Tagliata utilises organically grown vegetables and free range meats. With dishes such as Parma ham and melon, aubergine and home-prepared salami and steaks and magnificent home-made pasta, a trip to La Tagliata is guaranteed to offer a treat.
 Like all good farm-to-table restaurants, the ingredients used at Gli Ulivi are fresh and organic. There's a great deal of choice available with a wide roster of dishes to suit all tastes, including expertly cooked meat dishes includes steak, roasted chicken and sea bass.
All of Mahalo's food is made with a strong, authentic love for the environment, animals and for their lovely guests. They are a proudly vegan café, working mainly with organic ingredients, and are choose produce from small, local suppliers to reinvest in the local economy.
Natur is the Gothenburg restaurant where vegetables are the mainstay and where sustainability is the keyword. Earthy flavours are the mainstay, with each seasonal dish looking mouth-watering and tasting even better.
If you want to remember Munih, come to this restaurant first. Keep calm and try Vegetarian cuisine. Try tasty bolognese, tofu and salads. Siggis boasts good cupcakes, chocolate mousse and pancakes. Don't miss the opportunity to drink delicious beer, wine or bitter. This place is known for great latte, americano or cappuccino.
Mediamatic ETEN are dedicated to sustainability and high quality food. Using their own herbs that are grown in their aquaponic greenhouse, they offer vegan pizzas in their woodfire oven.
Former charcuterie, now vegan bistro, Abattoir Végétal have kept the love of good food from the place. Here, no ingredient is violated. Goodbye vegan grumpy, welcome to a fine portion of vegetables, cereals, legumes and fruits.
It's their use of only the freshest and highest quality organic products which makes Restaurant Ose' a valuable commodity, even in France - the home of fantastic food. Friendly and intimate with vibrant vegetarian food, this inconspicuous spot is a must visit in Angers.
AtayaCafe’s origin spans continents and cultures, influenced by life, nature, music, art, eco-politics and the joy of healthy, bright and simply delicious vegan food. Ataya fulfills a life-long dream of merging the passion for fine vegan cuisine, community and activism.
A free dinner made from leftovers with love. This café collects food what otherwise would be thrown away, and cooks free vegetarian meals with it. People who ear vegan will find a good meal, too. It's for people who do not know how much is thrown away. All friendly people are welcome, tourists too.

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Kalf & Hansen are the father and son chef duo making traditional Nordic food with a sustainable twist. Using raw ingredients selected for their seasonality, their take on the iconic Swedish meatball comes in a choice of meat, fish or vegan. Not only  do they use vegan options prolifically, but Kalf & Hansen's menu is also completely lactose and gluten-free. 
It's a testament to the importance of sustainability and seasonality that it's only once his team has sourced out the very best produce from that day, that head chef Henrik Norström creates a menu based on the products of the day. Lux Dag for Dag's food is proudly rooted in Swedish flavours: salt, sweet, smoked and spices.
Informally posited as having the best brunch and breakfast in town, Erba Brsuca source their food from their own kitchen garden. In fact, the restaurant's intimate seating plan places diners right alongside the garden, immersing you in both a visual and culinary experience.
 The team at Jakob lives for authentic products and artisanal processes. Creating dishes and non-alcoholic drinks with what nature, small farms, and the nearby lake, offers, the team at Jakob lives for authentic products using artisanal processes. With 100% local products, mostly organic, with all kind of intolerances considered, this is slow food done right.
With the surrounding landscape of steep mountains and fjords creating a unique climate consisting of massive amounts of rain, fog, and rare sunlight, local produce grows in unique and unexpected ways. At Credo, this difference is celebrated; celebrating diversity and recognise that our planet is one, they search for dishes which will offer delicate flavours and once in a lifetime experiences.
Welcome to Gastrologik's world of logical gastronomy. Swedish flavours capture all the seasons. Chosen to work exclusively with Swedish produce. For sourcing locally from small producers makes sense and triggers creativity.

Secret Garden is a fully vegan Sushi Restaurant based in Friedrichshain, Berlin. Get regular sushi with a creation of fusion fillings alongside the traditional flavors of ginger, wasabi & seaweed.

41 - PH7 Equilibre - France

Good nutrition, regular exercise and good stress management on a daily basis are the three key factors for good health. With PH7 Equilibre, the balance is as much that of the body as that of the mind. PH7 invites you to move towards a global balance, starting with a healthy and gourmet diet, thanks to the principle of acid-base balance.

So dedicated to sustainability are de Peper that they don't permit animal products in their kitchen. At Aequem, we love that they change their set menu every day dependent on what is in season and available from local providers.
 Despite it's simple appearances, The Hive is a cafe serving great coffee, delicious cold pressed juices and vegetarian food, plus salads and wine to a discerning crowd. Never has their motto of 'less is more' been important.

For young and old alike,

It’s a comfortable and playful space.

For the gourmets

It’s organic, local, home-made!

For the shoppers

It’s a grocery store.

Joshua Hunter is the Head Chef at The Holland and Holland Shooting Grounds situated in 60 acres of open countryside in Northwood. He is an avid enthusiast of using sustainable and fresh produce, constantly adapting the British menu he has created to ensure all food is seasonal.
Tucked away on a side street in Waterloo, La Popote is a friendly space for conversation between families, artists and locals. La Popote is a restaurant which prides itself on healthy eating, teaching people what is best for their bodies and the planet. They use local, organic and seasonal produce for all of their meals.
This is a vegan Korean restaurant in the Kollwitzkiez district. Serves traditional dishes in vegan versions, including soups, dumplings, bimbimbap bowls, Korean pancake, kimchi, and vegan sushi rolls. Sophisticated Korean cuisine and terrific smoothies, all vegan, and for a very reasonable price.
Fantastic food and service. All customers will be treated to amazing hospitality the moment you walk through the door until you leave. Staff are very friendly and attentive. A very responsible restaurant insists on sustainability, trying every approaches to realise it in business.
A vegan café by day, an event space in the evenings and a small bookstore in the meantime... which means great coffee, delicious food, interesting workshops and plenty of food for thought. Drop by for breakfast or cakes & coffee, browse through a great selection of vegan-related books.
A community-led restaurant, Noorderlicht regularly hosts intimate musical and cultural events free of charge. They prioritise the use of organic food and offer plenty of vegan and vegetarian dishes.
simple, healthy, seasonal cuisine, sourced 100% organic and mostly French. By coming to share a meal at Yuman. Certified 100% organic by Ecocert, you are working for the planet! The menu is short and is renewed every Thursday. The recipes are developed by a passionate team.
Set on a working farm, in 66 acres of meadows and woodland, this former farmhouse and dairy offers the ultimate field to fork experience. Techniques include curing, pickling and cooking over wooden embers. The home-bred Mangalitsa pork and home-baked sourdough are hits.
When you think of the food scene in Paris, “healthy” doesn’t automatically come to mind. But maybe it should—restaurants with a local and seasonal bent are opening up throughout the city, making it easy for travellers and residents alike find some amazing spots to enjoy delicious and healthy food. One of these places is Le Bichat, a restaurant just steps from the Canal Saint-Martin neighbourhood.
If you’re looking for a soothing city escape, one of the most idyllic lunch destinations for a crisp autumn day – or indeed a bright spring or summer one – is The Garden Café at The Newt hotel and estate, near Bruton in Somerset.
in Ecru raw lab only vegetable, organic and biodynamic raw materials. Raw food is encountered, appreciated, studied and experienced: Ecru shares it with you. a laboratory not only of cooking but also of ideas in search of the new things.
Rabbit is on the iconic Kings Road, Chelsea. It is a farm-to-fork neighbourhood restaurant focusing on sustainability, capturing the English countryside's flavours, freshness, and vibrancy on this famous London Street. Rabbit serves modern British dishes with knowledgeable, attentive service and an electric atmosphere.
The Riverford Field Kitchen, as if in an organic fairytale, this pioneering business has now offering an unique field-to-plate dining experience. It is perhaps best understood as a temple rather than a pub, and eating there as a rite of belonging and respect rather than hoggish gratification.
Enjoy the very best local, seasonal produce prepared by talented chefs in the picturesque surroundings of River Cottage. River Cottage is in a truly inimitable location, a 100 acre farm in a hidden valley in East Devon. You can enjoy inspirational cooking that reflects the passion, knowledge and commitment.
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59 -  Organic Oasis Restaurant and Juice Bar - Alaska

Since 1998, in Organic Oasis Restaurant and Juice Bar only use high end ingredients, preparing dressings, sauces, soups, hummus & other dishes from scratch. Come in & experience great food & beverages. Digestion happens best when we slow down. It is the main ingredient to feeling good after a meal. Enjoy Organic Oasis & be well.

60 - MIL, Sacred Valley - Peru

one of the World's Best Restaurants and lab dedicated to the ingredients and people of Moray in the Peruvian Andes.

A groundbreaking restaurant that focuses on elevation rather than seasons and now consistently sits on the World’s 50 Best List.

Pizza for sustainable living.

Pizza fusion stands for ''Saving the earth, one pizza at a time''. It's their commitment to our planet in every aspect of Pizza fusion. Their delivery is delivered in hybrid car, printed materials are printed post-consumer recycled paper, they print with soy ink.

'The place should be complimented on cleanliness' said by a customer for 40 years.

Do you love the feeling of getting a higher quality fast food? Come at Burgerville!

The Table des Gourmets seems to be a must by its location, rue des Lombards, located between the lively Châtelet and the mythical Marais.

Indeed, the place is worth a glance: an old chapel from the 12th century which surprises as much as it delights the hungry curious and eager for new sensations.

Cafe Gratitude is a small chain of restaurants serving organic, plant-based (vegan) food. Delicious flavours, fulfilling bowls, caring and curing approach, good food, wonderful vegan menu, friendly staff, beautiful venue.
A delightful new stop on the P’tit Train du Nord. Quality ingredients lovingly prepared. Artistic presentation of the result. Prices are fair considering the quality.
Under the aegis of chef Éric Gonzalez, the restaurant offers a menu that oscillates between classics of French cuisine and dishes focused on freshness. Classic, cozy and elegant, this English-inspired dining room offers refined cuisine and scented products from terroir. Don't miss Veranda and sunny terrace either!
Venerable old establishment dating back to the 1970's. Situated in an old home in the town square of the original town of Ste. Dorothée, now part of the City of Laval,visiting this French restaurant is just like renewing an old acquaintance. Authentic French cuisine, presented professionally in a charming atmosphere that feels like a childhood home.


the perfect alternative to cooking at home that fits our own clean lifestyle.

At Honest Mary’s, the goal is to give life to our guests. From honestly good ingredients to inviting space and service, the commitment is to leave customers better off than before they walked in the door.

YOU'VE READ UP on ethical fast food restaurants, bookmarked many a sustainable restaurant in your Instagram 'to try' folder and yet. At Organic to Go, you can easily grab some quick bites with simple but tasty vegan food. Don't miss it out!
Evo kitchen is a small family business where vegan foodies, meat lovers and gluten-free peeps can feast together. Built to LEED specs, an eco-friendly restaurant from the inside out supporting organic farmers, local craft beers and sustainable wineries as much as possible.
Le Hatley Restaurant at Manoir Hovey, reflects the Chef's passion for the region's history, its bounty, and its natural beauty. Drawing on his French Canadian roots, Chef Alexandre Vachon serves a refined nature inspired cuisine paying homage both to his heritage and to the land and producers around him.

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Epi is a friendly and warm restaurant established in downtown Trois-Rivières. Epi offers inventive and original cuisine, both on the plate and in the glass because of the variety of its supply. The quality of food materials, their proximity and ecological impact are fundamental values in Epi .
A combination of an all day restaurant and a grocery store. Magnificent fruit and veg displays fill the side walls of the restaurant. Great place to visit if you need a break from tacos and need something on the healthier side.
Le Riverain greets everyone in an elegant and refined setting, appropriate for its fine cuisine. A choice destination for epicureans, the restaurant offers fine local cuisine influenced by local products as provided by Mother Nature according to the seasons. Steeve Rondeau, an innovative chef, also likes to incorporate more exotic ingredients into his creations.
Bika is a platform that aims to highlight a lifestyle and cuisine that respects the environment, the terroir and the seasons. Food here emphasises the value of local products and producers while respecting the principles of sustainability; Menu reflects what can be harvested and what is provided by other local and organic or eco-friendly farms.
La Cabane d'à Coté continues the excellent tradition of the Cabane PDC and turns it into a more intimate, less bombastic experience. You can have a truly special experience at La Cabane d’à côté at an affordable enough price and enjoying casual environment.
The last thought of the season's cuisine is the promise that every bouché plaise to your papilles of the most fundamental manner. In the same state of spirit, L’Épicurieux essays on the better things that can use the products proven by locust commercials. L’Épicurieux wants that every fruit, light and viande are in the apogée of their savers.
Set in the ever popular Greenwich Village, Blue Hill uses only the finest ingredients from their farm upstate, Blue Hill at Stone Barnes. Their dishes are guaranteed to be fresh and seasonal, ensuring even the most discerning guests return.
The restaurant features a main room, ample terraces, area of fires for different meats and a private sector with its own terrace. Each room area features panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, hills and vineyards. The menu offers a regional selection of different traditional dishes.
In the heart of downtown Healdsburg, one of the country’s most accomplished chefs Kyle Connaughton, along with wife/farmer Katina Connaughton, bring you SingleThread Farm-Restaurant-Inn; a 3 Michelin-starred restaurant with five luxurious guest rooms.
From formal dining experiences to quick bites on the go, Viceroy Snowmass appeals to all palates, thanks to its eclectic range of on-site restaurants. Highlighting the freshest regionally sourced, organic ingredients, the dishes that make up the seasonal menus at our Snowmass restaurants complement and characterize the settings in which they are served.
Set to shimmering Pacific views, Montage Laguna Beach’s gourmet dining destinations offer unique, chef-driven interpretations of coastal California flavors.
Internationally acclaimed chef Francis Mallmann creates inspired regional dishes, showcasing Argentina’s famous beef. From hotel owned gardens and the surrounding land, proudly brings customers a natural bounty of local, seasonal ingredients paired with exceptional Argentine wines.

85 - Black Cat Bistro

Set in beautiful farmland, Black Cat Bistro is run by one of the most ambitious farm-to-table chefs in the United States, Eric Skokan. With his team, he farms more than 130 acres in Boulder County, Colorado, supplying the restaurant with a plethora of ingredients, from carrots and lentils to lamb and eggs.

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The farm determines to play a crucial role in improving health and wellness from the ground up. The restaurant offers a creative “comfort” style menu influenced by seasonal, fresh local produce. All menu items are prepared from scratch.

"This transformative Southern Alps retreat gives you a full physical and emotional overhaul." -VOGUE MAGAZINE


Salute the rising sun with vinyasa yoga, rewild yourself in nature, and use a variety of practices to elevate your body and mind.

Alchemy was established as a place for transformation in 2011 by a group of conscious, creative, live food enthusiasts. Here to promote heart-based culture and set the intention for unconditional love, authenticity, health, and gratitude through high-vibe lifestyle choices.
Some of the world’s finest produce and best wine is found here in Australia. Nomad which is inspired by travels through Spain, Morocco and the Middle East sources the best produce from small growers who share that passion and cook with fire and smoke.
Located in the heart of a real Cambodian Cham village, enjoy riverside bungalows with private balconies to swim from or enjoy amazing sunset views. The menu offers lovingly prepared Western and Khmer cuisine as well as drinks and cocktails inspired by the freshest local ingredients.
The Birdsong organic café, a wellness center in the form of a bistro, where organic & ‘something for everyone’ is the foundation. Vegan & Keto friendly
A truly authentic experience, menu with unbelievable organic wines. The cuisine turns out local sustainable food to a complex dish which has more flavours. Delicious food, freshly provide from local every day. Fantastically light & healthy.
Open Farm Community (OFC) is Singapore's pioneering urban farm and restaurant concept; a timely reaction to the increasing disconnect between people and their food. Acting as the missing link in the modern fabric, OFC's vision is to strengthen the understanding and respect for food and its origins.
The Greenlight Cafe & Bar in Fisherman's Village is an unique and comfortable dining experience. The menu features a variety of hearty choices for health-conscious eaters. Nearly all of the ingredients are locally sourced and organic. Many of them come straight from their very own garden!

"Lake House is the success story of regional dining that everyone looks to for inspiration"

A team passionate about hospitality delivers beautiful, modern, seasonal food matched with wines from one of Australia’s best wine lists. The restaurant offers magnificent views through wonderfully large windows to the treetops and shores of the lake.

A restaurant aims to provide delicious and healthy Khmer food without the use of MSG, suitable for the western palate, provide the best healthy and hygienic Khmer food, and choose to reduce the use of plastic.



97 - The Test Kitchen, South Africa

The Test Kitchen is the culmination of the efforts put in to re-imagine and acknowledge the dining experience that today’s restaurant guest is wanting.

A paired down yet undoubtedly luxurious fine-dining experience, going back to the origins of what delicious food is, as well as providing the opportunity for more people to try The Test Kitchen in its more manageable form.

98 - Babel - South Africa

Housed in the old cow shed, Babel Restaurant is a wonderful mix of Cape Dutch architecture and contemporary glass walls that makes for a simple yet edgy environment in which one can try tasty yet often unconventional combinations. Babel has a farm-to-fork philosophy which means the restaurant likes to serve food that is seasonal and that reflects “pick, clean and serve” approach.

99 - Shamba - Kenya

Shamba Café & Shop is a farm-to-table restaurant, serves global inspired healthy cuisine with weekly specials, pizza from the wood fired pizza oven and a weekend BBQ. Shamba is a peaceful retreat from the bustling Nairobi traffic, with plenty of fresh air and an incredible diversity of trees and birds.

100 - Zucchini, Wilderness - South Africa

Lovely spot nestled in the garden, family friendly restaurant and great atmosphere.

Only fresh food materials, vibrant cuisine , sourced from scratch, home grown organic. A mix of local-made micro brews from the tap! 32 Different types of local beers to taste, not to be missed.

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That's our list of the 100 best sustainable, vegetarian and vegan restaurants around the world! Which are you planning to visit first?
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