Aequem's 100+ Sustainable Influencers List

Aequem's 100+ Sustainable Influencers List

As 12:00am hit on January 1st, the words "wow, what a year," were no doubt heard by many, and they certainly held somewhat of a difference in meaning this time around. In fact, it's unquestionable that 2020 was a year of great difficulty, and staying inspired has posed more a challenge than ever. But fear not, Aequem's list of 100+ sustainable influencers who through their efforts in creating a more sustainable future for us and future generations, kept us enthused throughout 2020, is here!





Kate (@my_plastic_free_home) 

Instagram’s (and our) answer to conscious consumerism and how to be a low waste advocate, Kate is nothing short of a devotee when it comes to all things Sustainable. From her own solutions to recycling the UK’s lingering household clobber one home at a time, to promoting her love for Wuka’s answer to the tampon waste crisis – it’s absolutely clear that Kate is on a sustainability journey of righting wrongs.


Shelbi (@Shelbizleee)

After attaining a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science, Shelbi successfully transformed her hobby into a job by creating her own YouTube channel in the hopes of making a greater impact - and thus Shelbizleee was born. Great tips, secret videos and helpful guides on how you can become what she refers to as an ‘Eco-Minimalist’, are just a few of the notable ways in which Shelbi is contributing to environmental change.


Kamea Chayne (@kameachayne)

To describe 2020 as a damaging year would be somewhat of an understatement, but it’s what we do now to help pick up the pieces that can make a great difference - and that’s exactly what Kamea Chayne is doing. Going beyond the simplicities of how to be sustainable, Kamea uses her online presence, that being through the conversations she has with her 42k Instagram followers and on her own ‘Green Dreamer Podcast’, to provide a more positive outlook on aspects like fossil fuels and how our relationship with our money - and the banks we keep it in - can be a positive one.


Arizona Muse (@arizona_muse)

Arizona Muse goes beyond just simply shopping sustainably - with topics from eco-friendly ways to clean our clothes, to conversations on where our food is grown, she’s certainly making great strides in bringing awareness to the climate crisis. Arizona was modelling in the Fashion industry for 5 years when she began to question where all of her clothes were actually coming from - she’s now making it her mission to explore these issues and share her findings (and solutions) online. 


Gillian (@uncomplicatedspaces)

Gillian’s journey into minimalism began in 2015 - when organising her life in order to find more time became a priority. Like many people, Gillian was waging a war between wanting to keep up with the latest fashion trends and feeling guilty about doing so - it’s this that strengthened her urge to support slow and sustainable fashion… And it’s definitely an urge that we can certainly get on board with!


Taylor Pfromer (@taylor.pforwords)

There’s often a link made between sustainability and expenses - but Taylor Pfromer uses her influence to highlight the ways in which this doesn’t have to be that case. Taylor doesn’t consider herself perfect by any means, but she’s certainly on her way, by considering the environmental impact of her every move. Her Instagram stresses the importance of not just acknowledging corporation pollution, but the significance in becoming individually eco-friendly.


Madeleine Olivia (@madeleineolivia)

Madeleine Olivia considers herself to be passionate about the earth and its animals, and we couldn’t agree more. With a blog (and 3 e-books) dedicated not just to veganism and the reduction of plastic waste and extreme spending, but one that focuses on being the healthiest version of yourself, it’s more than likely that Madeleine’s hopes of inspiring others to do the same are successful - and her 82k followers can no doubt attest to this!


Nour Livia (@nourlivia)

From her own blog, to a handful of E-Books and a YouTube channel - all of which are dedicated to sustainability - Nour Livia is without a doubt contributing to much needed conversations about the environment. And what’s more, for those of us that can find ourselves becoming overwhelmed - although perhaps that’s all of us after a year like the last - with the latest doom and gloom that surrounds the topic of sustainability, Nour is contributing to the development of a new app, ‘Deep’ - a way of implementing the power of breathing into our lives.


Marta Canga (@martacanga)

Marta Canga has been a sustainability and veganism advocate since 2016 and has grown a following of over 20k followers on Instagram. Her blog is the location for all things vegan, sustainable fashion, cruelty-free and clean beauty, plant-based food and green, eco living. What’s more, Marta’s sustainable life-style efforts resulted in her being a judge for the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards, and in 2019 she became a #TOGETHERBRAND Ambassador for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.


Tolmeia Gregory (@tolmeia)

20-year-old climate justice activist, Tolmeia Gregory, began blogging in 2012 - an online presence that has now turned into a go-to platform for both climate activism and highlighting issues within the fashion industry. It was the 2013 Rana Plaza factory disaster that sent Tolmeia on what she considered to be a “learning journey”, with regards to the way in which our clothes are made, resulting in the way she lives her life now.


Marina Testino (@marinatestino)

Marina Testino is the founder of the mission-driven micro agency focused on digital communication and sustainable fashion, Point Off View. Through the ethos that “small changes make a big difference,” she raises awareness of unconscious consumerism among her 46k Instagram followers every day, focusing on the impact of water waste and the invisible threat of plastic pollution.


Christina Sedona (@sedonachristina)

Christina is, what she refers to as, a ‘TouTubing and podcasting human’ - with a following of 46k on Instagram, the Seattle based, slow fashion advocate is on her way to contributing to great change. Thanks to her social media presence, you’ll find sustainable gift guides - that come with helpful keys to point out each brand's best efforts - and low waste DIY’s.


Laura Stöckl (@loewie8)

Laura Stöckl began looking into existing recycling forms and how, as consumers, we can track the production of our clothes. She uses her online presence to delve into the best ways of expressing your creative style, without hurting the planet and she collaborates with conscious brands - a strong vow to her belief that the best solution to improving fashion’s impact on nature is by shopping vintage and sustainable.


Jhánneu (@jhanneu)

When “Happy New Year” chimes out at midnight on January 1st, the echoes of “what new diet should I be starting” can no doubt be heard in its place for a lot of us - well Youtuber Jhánneu might just have the answer. However, instead of a strict new calorie deficit, she offers her advice on “How to (ACTUALLY) start a low waste life,” - something that definitely feels slightly gentler on our overstimulated holiday brains.


Rachel Ama (@rachelama_)

Rachel Ama is a budding vegan’s answer to well, everything food related. Sharing above ordinary recipes for her 218k Instagram followers, Rachel is definitely an advocate for veganism and no doubt proves those who claim it to consist of nothing but ‘boring’ meals wrong - and with the recipes shared on her YouTube channel, we couldn’t imagine the word boring to be anywhere in sight.


Kristen Leo (@kristenleo)

If you’re hoping to find information on ethical and conscious living, veganism, fair fashion and saving the planet all in one place, Kristen Leo is your girl. Boasting 310k subscribers - her YouTube touches on some of the most important aspects of eco-living.

In a nutshell, Kristen hopes to provide some inspiration for a cruelty free wardrobe and lifestyle.


Gaia (@ssustainably_)

If you’re looking to spread awareness on the negative impact of the fashion industry, Gaia’s Instagram is a hotspot for educational graphics. The conscious consumerism advocate has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management and Sustainability and uses her platform to bring light to issues surrounding greenwashing and fast fashion - you’ll also find a generous amount of black owned, vintage store suggestions.


Blue Ollis (@blueollis)

Blue Ollis is a true advocate of animals and our Earth and uses her online presence to promote intentional living - with content ranging from low-waste lifestyles to simpler green living.

Her Essential Vegan eBook, which consists of easy-to-follow recipes, is a dream for all - suitable for non-vegans, new vegans and life-long vegans alike, these recipes are a step in the right direction with regards to clean eating. 


Eva (@Captainbobcatblog)

Originally from Budapest, Eva lived in Australia and then found herself in London after cleaning beaches in Ibiza - it’s understandable that she would consider herself an environmentalist. In an attempt to promote eco-friendly living, the mum of Captain Bobcat (the cute nickname given to her son) uses her Instagram and Blog to talk about great vegetarian recipes, recycling and how she buys ethically whenever possible.


Adele Clarke (@nestanddressed)

Adele Clarke’s Blog, Nest & Dressed, is a place for her love of fashion, adventure and creativity - and we can’t help but love her desire to share not just simply these aspects of her life, but her hopes to do so in a more ethical and sustainable way.

To put it briefly, and in her own words, Adele is a colour lover, secondhand shopper, conscious consumer & body positive cheerleader.


Georgette (@sustainablysage)

“Progress over perfection” - that’s Georgette’s ethos on leading a sustainable life. Her Instagram promotes low-waste living, a plant-based diet, and thrifting. And with insightful DIY’s at hand, it’s easy to get on board with her low-waste way of life.


Youheum (@healyourliving)

If you’re looking for a creative soul with a desire to share and spread compassion for our Earth and all living things, then delving into Youheum’s online presence is a must.

After years of being unhappy and living an unsustainable life, she’s now focused on using her own experiences in order to support others on the same path to a more mindful, sustainable and minimal world, and she has a great amount of eBooks and other online resources to get us there.


Kira Simpson (@thegreenhub_)

When Kira Simpson began her journey of ‘eco-living’, it appeared almost as simple as many of us believe it to be - but it soon became obvious that signing a few petitions and just simply using eco-friendly cleaning products wasn’t all that was to be done.

Que her blog The Green Hub - a place where Kira and her team share their own experiences, tips and advice on how and what it truly means to live an eco-friendly life.


Besma (@besmacc)

Besma, founder of Ethical Influencers, is a sustainable fashion, clean beauty and low-impact lifestyle advocate, sharing kinder ways to live online. 

Her blog, Curiously Conscious, is simply that - the name given as a summary of her approach to life - and it became a place of documenting everything from her journey through organic food shopping and clothes swapping, to visiting ecovillages and sustainable spa hotels. All of which led her to live the eco-friendly life she lives today.


Immy Lucas (@sustainably_vegan)

Sometimes searching for what you want on Instagram can feel like a drag, so a username like Sustainably vegan is somewhat of a god send. Immy Lucas focuses her efforts on the likes of enlightening people on greenwashing, veganism, and what being carbon neutral really means.


Elizabeth Farrell (@glacier996girl)

Elizabeth Farrell - or rather, Glacier Girl - raises awareness about climate change whilst attempting to encourage the adaptation of an ‘eco-friendly’ life upon not just the current generation, but the many more to come. 


Tim Silverwood (@timsilverwood)

Co-founder of Ocean Impact Organisation and Take 3 For The Sea - Tim Silverwood strives for an abundant and sustainable ocean. 

The Ocean Impact Organisation Pitch Fest, in celebration of the 2020 UN World Oceans Day theme, allowed individuals to showcase their innovations that could have the potential to have a significant, positive impact on the ocean.


Jen Brownlie (@jen.brownlie)

 Scotland’s answer to eco-living - Jen Brownlie is on a mission to prove that it is possible to enjoy life’s luxuries in a sustainable way. With the belief that choosing to live a more sustainable life shouldn’t involve sacrificing the things you love, Jen shares a generous amount of advice on green beauty, slow fashion, simple living, and how to strive towards having a natural home.


Clare Press (@mrspress)

 Clare Press went so far as to apologise for her part in promoting fashion that wasn’t slow - and now believes in wearing your favourite skirt, and then re-wearing it proudly. 

The ex, features editor of Australian Vogue, became an ethical fashion advocate after reaching boiling point. Worried about the significance of her writing, Clare decided to make a definitive change, and in her own words - “never looked back.” She now has a podcast dedicated to the cause, with over 100 episodes.


Kathleen Elie (@consciousnchic)

Kathleen Elie believes in living your best sustainable life - as well as the importance of knowing where to shop in order to do so. 

Through her Blog, Conscious & Chic, Kathleen shares advice on non-toxic beauty, and where and how to shop sustainably. You’ll also find heaps of advice and tips for veganism over on her YouTube channel! 


Michelle Chavez (@michelleforgood)

The Tote Project co-founder, Michelle Chavez, started out with a goal of raising awareness around human trafficking, and became aware of many different companies that strive to create products ethically along the way.  

Her site, Micelle For Good, is her way of bringing light to the conscious capitalism movement, as well as a place to share sustainable solutions to fashion.


Aditi Mayer (@aditimayer)

Aditi Mayer was, like many of us, greatly moved by the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 - and thus, her ADIMAY site became a home for all thing’s sustainability - and then some. A leading voice in the sustainability movement, Aditi approached her work through the likes of Grassroots Organizing in LA’s garment district, whilst also educating people on the importance of diverse perspectives. 

Throughout 2021, she will be documenting the social and environmental impacts of India’s fashion supply chain, as a National Geographical Digital Storytelling Fellow.


Corinna (@kissenundkarma)

Since 2015, Corinna has been on a journey of highlighting sustainable fashion and home inspiration and shared her thoughts on eco travel and mindfulness online.

Keeping herself informed via documentaries and other influencers, Corinna came to the decision that she would follow suit - and now prides herself on her efforts to make the world a little greener.


Leah-Jane Musch (@unmaterialgirl)

27-year-old, Melbourne based, slow fashion activist Leah-Jane Musch began her own fashion brand back when she was just 23 - but soon followed a lingering restlessness. 

Becoming more interested in what good a company could do became Leah’s main focus, and she went on to work with Social Starters in Rio De Janeiro, who partnered with the likes of Grassroots and disadvantaged countries. 


Candice M Tay (@candicemtay

If you’re looking for somewhere to refer back to when switching to a more sustainable way of life, Candice M Tay is nothing short of a perfect option. Documenting her pursuit of a more intentional life, Candice shares her advice and experiences with becoming a more conscious consumer not just on her Instagram, but on her minimalist and sustainability-based blog too. 


Petra Alexandra (@petraalexandra)

Petra documents her transition into exploring the movement of slow fashion through her online blog, as well as on Instagram to her 115k followers. She works in marketing with an ethical Fairtrade company and has recently put her energy into creating content for local, sustainable companies.


Manuela Barón (@thegirlgonegreen)

When travelling the world highlighted the ongoing environmental crisis, Manuela Barón made the decision to change her habits in order to help the planet - and her passion for sustainability was born. 

Manuela uses her blog not just as a platform for the visuals she creates to highlight these ongoing problems, but as a medium to showcase solutions she has found for eco-issues.


Karen (@sustainabledaisy)

Sustainable Daisy’s, Karen, takes pride in just how sustainable she really is - documenting how she saves money and expressing her gratitude for what she owns, her blog (and pretty much her whole life) revolves around striving to be as conscious a consumer as possible. 

Karen is also an Environmental Health and Safety professional, as well as LEED Green Associate. 


Lauren Singer (@trashisfortossers)

When Lauren Singer started her joiner into zero waste living in 2012, it didn’t take long before she went viral for fitting a year’s worth of the waste that she created into a 16oz mason jar. Now documenting her tips for how to reduce daily waste and highlighting environmental issues, Lauren has amassed a following of 386k followers on Instagram. 

Laura is also the founder of the zero waste shop, Package Free Shop, who pride themselves on being carbon neutral, plastic free and zero waste. 


Shae Burns (@shaesburns)

Shae Burns is a San Diego based, sustainable living advocate, who focuses her efforts on bringing attention to sustainability, conscious style and clean beauty. After getting a deeper insight into the ‘sad’ side of the fashion industry, Shae did a 180 with her blog, Shae Necessities, which now represents her desire to empower women to become more conscious with regards to their spending habits.


Anita Vandyke (@rocket_science)

Rocket Scientist, Doctor, and best-selling author of A Zero Waste Life, Dr Anita Vandyke found herself on a journey to a better life, after spending her twenties deciding which next best designer handbag she could get her hands on. Boasting an Instagram following of almost 93k - Anita uses her platform to speak on low-waste living, document her minimalist lifestyle, and as a way to share her own solutions to plastic waste.


Caroline Ginolfi (@plantbasedblonde)

Looking for a plant-based nutritionist with a zeal for sustainability and all things cruelty free? Caroline Ginolfi might be your saving grace. With a belief that food is the real powerful medicine, and delicious plant-based recipes to back it up - her Plant Based Blonde site is a must see for those of us wanting to make a conscious change through our food.


Meg Haywood Sullivan (@meg_haywoodsullivan)

Co-founder of Plastic Free Fridays, Meg Haywood Sullivan - who has a degree in Environmental Studies - has a passion for photography and art and is on a journey of inspiring others to care about the environment. She regularly takes part in panel discussions and is the ambassador for more than just a handful of amazing companies - Conservation International and Protect Our Winters to name just a few.


Aja Barber (@ajabarber)

Writer and fashion consultant, Aja Barber, focuses her time on conversations around race, intersectional feminism, and sustainable and ethical fashion. Writing with the hope of encouraging us to buy better, Aja asks for support through her posts on Patreon - a way for her to continue to write for free, in a sustainable way.


Céline Semaan (@celinecelines)

Céline Semaan is a human rights and climate justice activist, who shines a light and shares useful advice on ways to tackle waste, and historic injustices. If you’re looking for a place to take a crash course on sustainability - Céline’s Instagram offers just that. 

What’s more, Cléline is the Executive Director of The Slow Factory, a human rights and environmental justice institute.


Mikaela Loach (@mikaelaloach)

Mikaela Loach was recently featured on BBC News to discuss the lack of response from the UK government with regards to the ongoing climate crisis, collusion with the fossil fuel industry, and the need for antiracism and climate justice to go hand in hand. 

A dedicated climate justice and anti-racism activist, Mikaela uses her platform to talk about sustainability with inclusivity, and her 95k Instagram followers are kept up to date with her journey of bringing light to these issues.


Ayesha Barenblat (@remakeourworld)

Founder and CEO of Remake (a company that wants to ignite a conscious consumer movement), Ayesha Barenblat is on her own journey of building sustainable supply chains that respect people and our planet. 

Whilst leading engagement at the United Nations Partnership, she has contributed to the conversation and development of safe and decent working conditions within garment factories around the world.


Allison K (

The transition to a minimal waste and low impactful lifestyle can seem intimidating for many, but Allison K comes as a blessing in clear sight. Sharing all of her struggles and successes, Allison is proof that there isn’t one simple way to leading a more sustainable life - and so she keeps her approach simple and practical. 


Jazmine Rogers (@thatcurlytop)

Jazmine Rogers is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle advocate, who highlights the differences between privileges and requirements. She encourages her 47k Instagram followers to take part in movements like Plastic Free July and shares her advice on how to quit fast fashion.


Jessica (

Whilst working with a large, British corporation that was the furthest thing from sustainable, Jessica found herself straying more and more from her own ethics. Fast forward to 2021 - she now contributes to the conversation of ethical fashion in relation to feminism - and her site,, is now used as space to spread awareness on these issues, as well as on how to ‘tread lightly’ through being a conscious fashion buyer. 


Erin Rhoads (@therogueginger)

Erin Rhoads isn’t just the face behind one of Australia’s favourite zero-waste blogs, The Rogue Ginger, she’s also co-founder of Zero Waste Victoria, Plastic Bag Free Victoria, and Zero waste festival.

What’s more, in an attempt to prove that we can successfully lessen the amount of waste we produce, Erin has written two popular zero waste and plastic free guidebooks, which highlight the best ways to live a zero-waste life in a way that still works for you.


Jonathan Levy (@zerowasteguy)

Zero waste guy, Jonathan Levy, was first introduced to sustainable resource management back in 2013. Since then, just a few of his achievements include consulting on the LA Unified School District’s expanded recycling programme, reducing hauling expenses at the Pitchess Detention Centre in LA, and overseeing the transition of more than 2000 businesses into the City of Los Angeles recycLA programme. 


Josephine Becker (@treesnpeace)

Activist, writer, and co-host of the YIKES podcast, Josephine Becker uses her Instagram as a means of shining a light on intersectional climate justice, nature connection, grassroots community change, anti-oppression, and all things sustainability.

Josephine is also currently studying towards a Master of Science degree in Sustainability and Behaviour Change, where she focuses on environmental justice, futurism, and system thinking.


Kalkidan Legesse (@kalkidan.legesse.mekuria)

Kalkidan Legesse is an advocate of Intersectional environmentalism, who after seeing the effects of the fashion industry in countries like Ethiopia, decided to open her own sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle shop. Through her writing, she also strives to raise awareness around low wages, mass dumping, social disruption and environmental destruction.


Holly Rose (

Earth activist and soil advocate, Holly Rose, uses her writing to amplify education on regenerative equity, through discussions of traditional ecological knowledge, sacred ecology, and regenerative sustainability. 

By regularly sharing new and updated, regenerative brands with her followers, Holly continues to progress conversations around regenerative sustainability. 


Samantha (@livingwastefree)

Documenting her sustainability journey, Samantha uses her Instagram and YouTube channel to share what it’s like to switch from the ‘norm’, to a zero-waste lifestyle. Her online presence includes everything from sharing her advice on how to go about a zero waste grocery shop, to her honest opinions on the aspects of zero-waste living that she hates.


Doina Ciobanu (@doina)

Doina Ciobanu is an ambassador for No More Plastic, and on a mission to rethink our future. A consultant and advocate, she finds herself both in front and behind the camera and uses her Instagram as a platform to share tips and advice on all things sustainable - and with a following of 655k, she’s certainly making an impact upon the conversation of sustainability.


Riccardo Pozzoli (@riccardopozzoli)

Riccardo Pozzoli is an avid supporter of UNICEF Italia, who continue to support movement’s like Earth Day. He is also the face behind the Walk The Walk podcast, where he talks about mindset and life consciousness.


Tara McKenna (@mindfully.tara)

Entrepreneur, Tara McKenna, turned her passion into her job when she created her blog, The Zero Waste Collective. In an attempt to drive conversation around consciousness, Tara is bridging the gap between sustainability and business, whilst also sharing sustainable lifestyle tips and brands.


Julia (

Author of Simply Living Well, Julia is all about living simply, slowly and sustainable. She is the co-founder of the LookFar Conservation, which since 2016, has been a non-profit organisation that supports other non-profits, local communities, and social entrepreneurs with conservation and restoration projects in Africa and Latin America. 

 Julia has spent several years incorporating the values of sustainability into her life. 


Rob Greenfield (@robjgreenfield)

Creator of The Food Waste Fiasco - a campaign striving to end food waste and hunger in the US - Rob Greenfield, is an activist dedicated to sustainability, equity and justice. He is the author of, Dude Making A Difference, and vows, among many other things, to donate 100% of his earnings from media to non-profits, as well as adhere to ethical financial practices and not invest in or support unjust, inequitable or unsustainable businesses and systems, from 2020 to 2024. 


Valeria Hinojosa (@waterthruskin)

Valeria Hinojosa is a vegan and sustainable lifestyle advocate, who believes in making conscious decisions in order to impact someone other than herself. She is the founder of Lifestyle With A Conscience, co-founder of The Yindah Foundation, and uses her platform to educate people in such a way as to bring forth a realization that the world doesn’t simply exist for our pleasure, and that it is our duty to preserve and protect it for generations to come.


Melissa Hemsley (@melissa.hemsley)

Food columnist, self-taught chef, and best-selling cookbook author, Melissa Hemsley, is all about food that doesn’t just taste good, but is grown with respect for the people who grow it. A sustainability champion, she launched her on-going series of community panel discussions, Sustainability Sessions, which touches on everything from plastic pollution and mental health, to fast fashion, green beauty and farming.

 Melissa hopes to encourage others to live sustainably, both online and offline, and has contributed to change through her own platforms, as well as through being a Fairtrade UK, ambassador, and the host of the 2019 Sustainable Restaurant Association Awards.


Rachael & Scott Johnston (@plantedinthewoods)

Rachael and Scott Johnston’s ethos on life is to slow down and take life one day at a time, whilst living sustainably, in order to lessen their footprint on the earth. With a desire to educate others about how realistic it is to live sustainably, the couple use their platform as a means of sharing advice on ways to help our earth, from supporting local communities to lowering the amount of waste we produce. 

What’s more, Rachael and Scott understand that not everyone can adapt to the exact same, plastic free, eco-lifestyle - that’s why they use their blog to highlight the benefits of thrifting, sustainable fashion, gardening, recipes, DIY’s and more.


Cat (@simpleishliving)

On a journey of becoming a ‘better human’, Cat is attempting to live a sustainable life, whilst being ethically stylish. A new vegetarian, she is actively contributing towards conversations around cooking, low-waste living, travelling, minimalism, and DIY’s.

Her blog consists of ethical and low-waste product reviews, and her Instagram focuses on how to live a simpler life - something her 100k followers are seemingly loving!


Jenny Welbourn (@wearilive)

Jenny Welbourn is all about lower impact living and fashion. Sharing her favourite thrift shops on Instagram, as well as hauls and vegan recipes on YouTube, her combined following of 377k are continuously kept up to date on how to live a sustainable life.


Shia Su (@_wastelandrebel_)

After realising that corporate life wasn’t for her, Shia Su moved to a different city for a new start - where she went on to become a vegan and develop a love for minimalism. Shia began documenting her simple, effective, and doable zero waste hacks - before going on to write her own book, Zero Waste


Kate Nelson (@plasticfreemermaid)

Kate Nelson’s blog, I Quit Plastics, sums up her whole approach to sustainability. Living disposable plastic free for ten years after seeing the damage it was doing to our oceans firsthand, she began to lobby government, met with politicians, spoke at schools all over the world, cleaned beaches, and went on to write I Quit Plastics - an introductory guide to environmental ethics and quitting plastics.


Jessica Clifton (@impactforgood)

Stumbling upon the realisation that she might not actively be doing anything to protect our earth, (outfit repeater) Jessica Clifton decided to live her life in a more sustainable way. She uses her Instagram and Blog to highlight the realities of where our waste really ends up, and how we as consumers can make a change. 

Jessica began questioning how she could be more sustainable before every purchase - whether it be clothes, food or toiletries, and over the last two years has ‘changed her life’.


Natalie Kay Costello (@sustainablychic)

Natalie Kay Costello, who has been helping build conscious wardrobes since as early as 2014, is a sustainable fashion, green beauty and eco lifestyle advocate. Her blog, Sustainable Chic, is a place where, as she explains, “fashion can exist responsibly”, and contains discussions around sustainable fashion, as well as a brand directory for those of us who need a little help along the way.


Ashley Renne (@heyashleyrenne)

Keynote speaker, intersectional environmentalism advocate, and certified plant-based nutrition expert, Ashley Renne, uses her platform to share sustainable, plant-based ways that go a long way towards having healthier bodies, smarter homes, and a greener planet. She has released her own digital cookbook, which aims to teach both ‘lazy’ vegans, and transitioning newbies. 

 Ashley is also bridging the gap between environmental and racial discrimination - using her blog to highlight the connection between food, health and the environment.


Connie Cao (@connieandluna)

Connie Cao is a lifestyle, home and sustainable living blogger, undertaking a diploma in Sustainable Living. She has a podcast that centres around permaculture, sustainable living, zero waste and self-sufficiency, and has her own business which, in partnership with One Tree Planted, promises to plant one tree for every order made via their website.


Diana Rodgers (@sustainabledish)

Co-Author of Sacred Cows: The Case For (Better), and director of the film Sacred Cows, Diana Rodgers, is a real food dietician and dedicated advocate for sustainability. She hosts The Sustainable Dish Podcast, and spends her time speaking at international conferences and schools, about nutrition, sustainability, social justice, animal welfare and food policies. 


Megean Weldon (@zerowastenerd)

Megean Weldon has been adapting to a more sustainable, less impactful life since 2015 - changing how she shops, eats and lives, she successfully began living a zero-waste life, and soon went on to write her own book, An Almost Zero Waste Life. Understanding that turning zero-waste isn’t easy, Megean aims to highlight how it can ‘simplify your life, make you healthier, and ground you to what’s important’. She also taken her Instagram followers along for the ride, encouraging them to join her in participating in #30DaysToZeroWaste.


Erin Boyle (@readtealeaves)

Author of Simple Matters, Erin Boyle is educating others on how living simply and purposefully will be more sustainable for the environment. Whilst living small, 173 square feet to be specific - Erin began re-evaluating her life, and now shares her slow, simple life with her 66k Instagram followers.


Agnes Mike (

Since 2018, Agnes Mike has been doing all she can to strive towards zero-waste living, whilst choosing to shop sustainable fashion. She also has her own shop that sells produce bags, shopping bags and masks - all of which are made from upcycled materials by Agnes herself.


Lindsay Miles (@treadingmyownpath)

Lindsay Miles ethos seems to be, “less waste, less stuff, sustainable living” - so it’s no surprise for her to be on our 100 sustainable influencers list. Delivering talks and workshops, as well as running courses since 2013, Lindsay is hoping to educate others on living with less-waste and how to lead a sustainable life and has even spoken on the TedX stage. 

Her new book, The Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen, is an “essential guide to sustainable food choices.”


Natalie Davies (@zerowastedoc)

London-based Doctor, social and climate activist, Natalie Davies, was introduced to the realities of poverty, pollution and the ongoing climate crisis after being a student - that’s when she decided to begin living a zero-waste life.

Natalie spends her time between being an NHS doctor, advising busy people on sustainability, and highlighting how environmental and social justice activism can be accessible to all.


Serena Lee (@imserenalee)

Serena Lee, owner of the Etsy shop, BUM, (which is striving to help people live a lifestyle in line with nature), is all about low-waste, plant based, slow living. She is also the founder of Vegans Of Ldn - a guide to London’s best vegan options, as well as the Author of Vegan London.


Jenny Mustard (@jennymustard)

Jenny Mustard is a writer and YouTuber, who educates people on feminism and living a minimal life through purposeful content. Touching on everything from ‘anti-trends’ and things we shouldn’t buy, to veganism and the effects of plastic - there isn’t a doubt in mind as to whether Jenny’s content is purposeful and progressive. 


Mariana Nichifor (@mariana_nichifor)

Sustainability leader, Mariana Nichifor, uses her platform to share her journey with sustainable fashion, and provide suggestions on where to buy it. She’s an ambassador for Philini Bags, an independent brand who are “inspired by real-life stories” of the women they meet, as well as the founder of Lemon Bureau, a visual concepts and content design company that aim to make your Instagram content more sustainability focused. 


Negin Mirsalehi (@negin_mirsalehi)

Founder of Gisou, (a honey infused hair care brand), Negin Mirsalehi, professes how beekeeping is practically in her blood. Having been in her family for six generations, Negin is continuing sustainable beekeeping practices, and maintains that the bee’s wellbeing is put first in everything she does. 


Gabrielle Caunesil Pozzoli (@gabriellecaunesil)

Gabrielle Caunesil Pozzoli, who goes by the ethos, “more pasta, less drama,” is the creative director of La Semaine Paris, an online shopping site that offers sustainable knitwear and denim, as well as an eco-friendly selection. She is also an ambassador for UNICEF Italia, and is involved in their #nextgen, global initiative. 


Matilda Djerf (@matildadjerf)

Founder of the Swedish, non-seasonal brand, DJERF AVENUE, Matilda Djerf is all about shopping vintage fashion - so she started providing it herself. With every piece ethically produced and manufactured in Portugal, Matilda is hoping that the timeless pieces will encourage consumers to re-wear them for many years to come.


Camila Coelho (@camilacoelho)

Camila Coelho is the founder of Elaluz - a luxury brand providing clean, cruelty free, vegan and gluten free products. With Sustainability, inclusivity and transparency at the heart of everything she does, Camila’s 8.9m Instagram followers are sure to hear about any and all of the best clean beauty options available.


Maria Patrascu (@m.ssmaria)

Germany based, content-creator, Maria Patrascu - who is an advocate for #NoPlanetB, is passionate about educating others on living eco-conscious, intentional, and sustainable lives. Her blog touches on these aspects of sustainability - including her own experiences with living an eco-friendlierlife - as well as health, style and travel.


Nataly Elbaz Björklund (@natalyelbaz)

After working in the luxury industry, climate activist, Nataly Elbaz Björklund, came to the realisation that she wanted to have more of a positive impact and went on to create her blog, Literally Nataly. Whilst highlighting the possibility of maintaining a luxury lifestyle in a conscious and ethical way, Nataly discusses eco-friendly living, as well as issues surrounding environmental and social justice.


Marci Zaroff (@marcizaroff)

Marci Zaroff is the founder of, Yes And - whose mission is to eliminate any and all stigmas surrounding the notion that in order to be sustainable, one has to sacrifice style, quality or price.

Using her degree from Haas Business School, Marci went on to co-found the health and environmental educational centre, The Institute For Integrative Nutrition - which is considered to be “the largest professional health coach certification programme in the world.”


Kathleen and Kim (@kimseidensticker) (@kat.shearer)

Kathleen and Kim are educating their followers on how to dress well, whilst still having a positive impact on the environment. They strive to heighten the discussion around sustainable fashion, clean beauty and veganism, and provide the names of various sustainable brands for you to shop from.


Jessica Harumi (@jessica.harumi)

Jessica Harumi is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber, who focuses on slow, sustainable fashion and minimalism. She creates videos to share her advice for building a capsule wardrobe, as well as advice on shopping local. 


Niha Elety (@nihaelety)

Regenerative sustainability advocate, Niha Elety, is further driving the conversation around the horrors of not ‘voting climate’. Committed to dismantling the white-washed narrative of environmentalism - Niha regularly shares vital informative content to her 22k Instagram followers.


Orsola De Castro (@orsoladecastro)

Orsola De Castro is the co-founder and creative director of Fashion Revolution, - a global campaign with participation in over 100 countries. Regularly coming together with other sustainability influencers, Orsola is using her platforms to shine a light on sustainable fashion. 

She is also the Author of, Loved Clothes Last, as well as a keynote speaker.


Joshua Katcher (@thediscerningbrute)

Author of Fashion Animals, (the first book to discuss the exploitation of animals with regards to the fashion industry), Joshua Katcher, is an advocate for ethical, sustainable fashion. 

Joshua launched a men’s vegan lifestyle website, and then went on to create his own ethical menswear brand, Brave GentleMan - both the first of their kind.


Neel Wanders (@flunkingmonkey)

Neel Wanders - who has carried out environmental surveys and co-authored a paper on developmental biology, to name just a few of his lifetime achievements, is a Biologist and Eco-Consultant. He considers himself ‘imperfectly sustainable’ and is travelling the world in his own ‘green’ way – he now uses his blog to blend his experiences with vital issues that are affecting our planet every day.


Eilidh Gallagher (@_just_eilidh)

Eilidh Gallagher is a sustainable columnist and stylist, as well as the Author of Green Christmas - a book dedicated to making little changes, in order to make a big difference to the planet. 

Taking her Instagram followers along on her journey, Eilidh has been living a more sustainable life since 2018 - the year she also gave up fast fashion. Fast forward to 2021, she now has her very own E-course, Make The Change - a must see if you’re looking to reduce your plastic waste and change up your shopping habits.


James Whitlow Delano (@jameswhitlowdelano)

James Whitlow Delano is a photographer who shoots human rights and environmental projects. He is the founder of Everyday Climate Change - a group of 6 different photographers documenting climate change, who are encouraging others to do the same.


Lizzie Carr (@lizzie_outside)

Host of the Earth Shakers podcast, where conversations revolve around the ways in which different people are making changes in order to better the planet. An eco-campaigner who founded the non-profit organisation Planet Patrol, after seeing the effects of plastic pollution in waterways, Lizzie was awarded Inspiration Of The Year award, at the Stylist magazine awards.


Dominique Drakeford (@dominiquedrakeford)

Dominique Drakeford is the co-host of the CaleAndCognac podcast, and the co-founder of Sustainable Brooklyn - where she aims to bridge the gap between ongoing sustainability movements, and targeted communities. She contributes to eliminating the colonial framework with which the current landscape of sustainability ‘thrives from’.


Kristy Drutman (@browngirl_green)

Brown Girl Green, or Kristy Drutman, is an environmental activist “trying to make the world a better place.” She is the host of her own podcast and media series, where she interviews environmental leaders and advocates, in search for new solutions to the ongoing climate crisis. 


Addie Fisher (@oldworldnew)

Last, but by absolutely no means least on the list of our 100 sustainable influencers, is Addie Fisher - a sustainable living enthusiast, who after focusing her efforts on architecture and interior design, grew a passion for the principles of sustainability. 

Wanting to share her eco-friendly journey with others, she began documenting her experiences online and has amassed a following of over 17k Instagram followers whilst doing so.


Monika Poppy (@sustainabilityiscool)

Founder of Sustainability Is Cool, Monika Poppy – who’s blog is dedicated to helping people choose wiser and more sustainable options – divides her time between speaking on panels and at universities, and searching near and far for the best new sustainable brands – all of which she shares with her 13k Instagram followers.

Her education background includes Energy Management and Sustainable Development – both of which she uses to educate others on all things sustainability.


Scott Staniland (@twinscott)

Scott Staniland’s love for sustainable fashion was a result of his hatred for all things plastic – so making the move to cut as much of it out of his life as possible, Scott began to shop less. And if you do find him shopping, it will most likely be down the pre-loved isle, where he’d be explaining to the rest of us about how to shop “Less but better.”


Stephanie Van Den Sigtenhorst (@letstalkslow)

Author of A Sustainable Wardrobe, Stephanie Van Den Sigtenhorst is a sustain fashion enthusiast on a mission. She posses an education in Fashion, but it was her delve into documentaries that truly highlighted sustainability issues within the fashion industry. Stephanie divides her time between her own platform, and as a consultant for brands on their photography or sustainable strategy. 


Radhi Devlukia-Shetty (@radhidevlukia)

Radhi Devlukia-Shetty uses her platform to speak (to her one million followers) about plant-based recipes, Ayurveda (an alternative medicine system with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent), natural skincare and beauty, conscious living and cooking.

She also has her own YouTube channel and blog - where she shares great vegan recipes, natural detox methods, and so much more!



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