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Tips For a More Sustainable 2020
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Tips For a More Sustainable 2020

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Ah, a new year and a new opportunity for absolute change. Time to reinvent yourself. Forgive and forget all those times you skipped the gym, ate too much pizza or, let’s face it, bought a ton of clothes you really didn’t need. Those times are behind us. 2019 is gone. Don’t worry, she can’t hurt you anymore. It’s only up from here! So, get drunk off that optimism (and maybe a few other things). Happy New Year!

With the slate clean and last years’ memories, stress and judgement in hindsight, follow these 50 tips to make 2020 the most sustainable version of yourself yet. Let’s do this thing!

  1. Ditch plastic straws, opt for a reusable metal one
  2. Write to your local government or local member of parliament about pushing green agendas
  3. Ditch styrofoam for good
  4. Gain a minimalist mindset
  5. If you’re not walking or cycling, make public transportation your new best friend
  6. When traveling, book eco-friendly hotels and take part in eco-tourism
  7. Get on the computer for business! Try and become as paperless as you can
  8. Stop blow drying and let your hair be natural
  9. Use reusable containers for all your food- no more plastic wrap
  10. Shop at a farmer's market for fresh, organic food
  11. Always choose cold water over warm water when you can
  12. Have a reusable water bottle with you at all times
  13. Burn soy wax candles
  14. Plant more trees and herbs for your very own edible garden
  15. Shop vintage, upcycled and recycled clothes only
  16. Stop picking up plastic utensils when you get carry out
  17. Buy an electric vehicle
  18. Bring your own bag when shopping for groceries
  19. Quit meat- the industry is the number one source of climate change
  20. Carpool to work!
  21. Open a window for cooler air in your home
  22. No more elevator- use the stairs
  23. Wear your clothes at least 5 times before washing
  24. Go antiquing
  25. Ditch makeup wipes and opt for a reusable washcloth
  26. Shop one-in-one-out and only buy things when you’ve run out of the product
  27. Buy a bamboo toothbrush
  28. Pick up as much trash as you can next time you’re at your local park
  29. Unplug all your electronics whenever you leave the house
  30. Recycle, recycle, recycle!
  31. Get better at mending your clothes instead of buying new
  32. Use solar energy for all technology
  33. Install a water-saving showerhead
  34. Start using half-flush instead of full-flush more often
  35. Save glass jars for decoration, storage or dining
  36. Eat at home more
  37. Invest in rechargeable batteries
  38. Replace your light bulbs with pollution reducing fluorescent ones
  39. Adjust the thermostat lower and lower
  40. Start composting!
  41. Buy less than you think you need- it will always be more than enough
  42. Vacation closer to come and cut the travel emissions
  43. Work from home a few days a week!
  44. Hang your clothes to dry
  45. Start saying no to freebies and cheap handouts
  46. Choose loose leaf tea- tea bags contain plastic!
  47. Eat seasonally
  48. Support companies that share the same mission as you
  49. Wait 30 days before making a purchase to make sure you really need it
  50. Continue reading about all the ways you can be more sustainable then share that knowledge with the ones you love!