100 Tips to be More Sustainable in 2021!

100 Tips to be More Sustainable in 2021!

While entering another year we should be more and more careful with our planet and go greener every day. We have some tips here just for you.

100 Tips to Be More Sustainable in 2021! 



The Tips

1) Start timing your showers. Or better yet, invest in a shower timer.

2) Grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables even if it’s just a few pots around the house.

3) Turn off your devices at night, including your wifi box.4) Get a water-saving shower head.

5) Purchase recycled toilet paper with plastic-free packaging.

6) Open up your blinds and use as much natural light as possible before switching on your light bulbs.

7) Don’t use plastic bags while doing grocery shopping. Have you own paper bags / textile bags - you can find a gorgeous one on Aequem - here

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 8) Go to thrift shopping instead of buying new clothes right away, or buy sustainable ones.

 9) Ask for a mailed receipt instead of a paper one while checking out.

10) Reduce the amount of water you use while brushing your teeth.

11) Use coconut oil as a diaper balm.

12) Save the boxes for future use when you receive a gift.

13) Make your own coffee instead of take away ones.

14) Reduce your food waste by only purchasing the food you eat.

15) Use stainless steel drink bottles.

16) Buy cruelty-free and organic hair products - you can find some here, also in recycled packaging 

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17) Bake a cake as a present instead of buying something .

18) Repurpose glass jars in your kitchen.

19) Use rechargeable batteries where possible.

20) Get your devices repaired instead of buying new ones instantly.


21) Donate your technological devices to schools and people that are in need.

22) Go vegan if you can, or at least try! Or at least adopt meatless Mondays!

23) Borrow books from the library instead of going to a store and purchasing them.

24) Try to buy your food locally. 

25) Start composting your food.

26) Practice eco-driving.

27) Buy vintage furniture if you need furniture for your home.

28) Grow your own flowers if you love a colourful garden.

29) Don’t cut your grass regularly.

30) Create something new from your old clothes. 

31) Combine multiple errands in one trip. 

32) Choose an environmentally friendly current account.

33) Set your smart tv to sleep while not watching.

34) Stop rinsing the dishes before putting them into the washer.

35) Install a water filter for ‘home made’ bottled water.

36) Take the stairs instead of the elevator to save energy.

37) Freeze foods for later use before they go bad.

38) Check the weather before watering the outdoor plants.

39) Stop picking up plastic utensils when you get carry out

40) You can use leftover water from the shower to water the plants.


41) Try to lower your bills.

42) Don’t buy chemical face masks, make your own at home.

43) Unsubscribe from junk mail.

44) Plant trees! Also if you shop on Aequem we plant 10 trees for every one ofyour purchases, no matter how small!

45) Read all publications online if you can.

46) Join a local eco-group.

47) Try to shop from a farmer’s market if you can.

48) Walk everywhere you can.

49) Respect the wildlife!

50) Encourage people around you to live sustainably !

51) Ditch plastic straws, opt for a reusable metal one

52) Write to your local government or local member of parliament about pushing green agendas.

53) Ditch styrofoam for good.

54) Gain a minimalist mindset.



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55) If you’re not walking or cycling, make public transportation your new best friend.

56) When traveling, book eco-friendly hotels and take part in eco-tourism.

57) Get on the computer for business! Try and become as paperless as you can.

58) Stop blow drying and let your hair be natural.

59) Use reusable containers for all your food- no more plastic wrap.

60) Shop at a farmer's market for fresh, organic food.


61) Always choose cold water over warm water when you can.

62) Have a reusable water bottle with you at all times.

63) Burn soy wax candles.

64) Plant more trees and herbs for your very own edible garden.

65) Shop vintage, upcycled and recycled clothes only.


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66) Lower the temperature on your water heater or install an instant hot water heater.

67) Buy an electric vehicle.

68) Bring your own bag when shopping for groceries.

69) Carpool to work!

70) Open a window for cooler air in your home.

71) Wear your clothes at least 5 times before washing.

72) Go antiquing.

73) Ditch makeup wipes and opt for a reusable washcloth.

74) Shop one-in-one-out and only buy things when you’ve run out of the product.

75) Buy a bamboo toothbrush.

76) Pick up as much trash as you can next time you’re at your local park.

77) Unplug all your electronics whenever you leave the house.

78)n Recycle, recycle, recycle!

79) Get better at mending your clothes instead of buying new.

80) Use solar energy for all technology.



81) Start using half-flush instead of full-flush more often.

82) Save glass jars for decoration, storage or dining.

83) Eat at home more.

84) Invest in rechargeable batteries.

85) Replace your light bulbs with pollution reducing fluorescent ones.

86) Adjust the thermostat lower and lower.

87) Buy less than you think you need- it will always be more than enough.

88) Vacation closer to home and cut the travel emissions.

89) Work from home a few days a week!

90) Hang your clothes to dry.

91) Start saying no to freebies and cheap handouts.

92) Choose loose leaf tea- tea bags contain plastic!

93) Eat seasonally.

94) Support companies that share the same mission as you.

95) Wait 30 days before making a purchase to make sure you really need it.

96) Continue reading about all the ways you can be more sustainable then share that knowledge with the ones you love!

97) Choose cruelty-free makeup products.

98) Try to travel to countries that are close to yours.

99) Stop lining your trash cans with plastic.


There is no better place than Aequem for all things (truly) sustainable.

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