10 Reasons Why Women Are Amazing

10 Reasons Why Women are Amazing and Deserve to be Celebrated

We at Aequem always celebrate amazing women. They make up half the world's population but women deserve more recognition for their brilliance. So we've compiled a list of reasons why women deserve to be celebrated and why women are amazing every day.

Why Women are Amazing 1: Multitasking QUEENS

On the phone, typing and making dinner. All at the same time!

Why Women are Amazing 2: We can do anything, even while bleeding. 

It is the same story every month, but us ladies now how to power through. Presentation at work? No problem. Birthday party? No problem. Dinner with the in-laws? No problem. We've got it all under control.

Why Women are Amazing 3: Can literally create another human being, only with a bit of help.

It's the most amazing function of the human body. Women have the ability to actually grow another human. To all you mothers and mother to be out there - well done!

Why Women are Amazing 4: Sisterhood - sticking up for your girls no matter what. Even if you met in the powder room.

10 Reasons Why Women are Amazing and Deserve to be Celebrated

Why Women are Amazing 5: ALWAYS ready for anything. If you don't believe this - just take a look in our handbags.

10 Reasons Why Women are Amazing and Deserve to be Celebrated

Why Women are Amazing 6: Always making it to brunch, no matter what.

Come rain or shine, we will always make it to that brunch reservation. Regardless of the number of margaritas we had the night before - now thats a talent!!

Why Women are Amazing 7: Can eat and feed at the same time.

10 Reasons Why Women are Amazing and Deserve to be Celebrated


Why Women are Amazing 8: Connecting the dots and always thinking about the bigger picture.

Seeing opportunities from around the corner is something us ladies know how to do. Always thinking long-term, thats how we become successful. Planning is key!

 Women sees always bigger picture - Aequem.com


Why Women are Amazing 9: Naturally nurturing, always making time for other people.


10 Reasons Why Women are Amazing and Deserve to be Celebrated


Why Women are Amazing 10: Know what it takes to make a business succeed. 


female power - Aequem.com


Female founders in start-up companies actually outperform men, even though only 15% of venture capital is allocated to women in business. Data collected by First Round Capital showed female founded companies performed 63% better than their male funded counterparts. 

Source - Forbes


Humour aside, women really do the most for themselves and the other people in their lives. Think about the women in your life you couldn't live without. Mothers, sisters, best friends - those women deserve all our celebration. Women truly are amazing. Cheers to them!


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Looking for more women to celebrate? Discover our post Aequem's 100+ Sustainable Influencers List for more.



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