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Top 10 must read books about sustainability
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Top 10 must read books about sustainability

· · Comments

The Aequem team is really excited to share some great news with you all! We have been shortlisted for the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards and have made it onto Createch '100 Ones to Watch' list! We're absolutely thrilled and cannot wait for what is to come!


After sharing with you all our 'Top 10 must watch documentaries about sustainability', we wanted to go a step further. For all our book lovers out there, the Aequem team has pout together our must read books about sustainability. So, whether you're bored at home, looking for a new read or avid to learn more about sustainability... this is the list for you. Let's get into it!


The Human Age - A world shaped by us // Diane Ackerman

A book celebrated for its unique point of view, discussing the natural world and the role of humans in it. Author Diane Ackerman uses her voice in the book to argue that the human race is the most influential and meddlesome on the planet. Within its pages Ackerman takes us through the ways humans are shaping the future of planet Earth.


Diet for a Hot Planet - The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork // Anna Lappe

Exploring the overlap between animal agriculture and climate change, Diet for a Hot Planet shows readers the true cost of our food system. Understanding the environmental damage of what we chose to put on our plates is what makes this book such an interesting read! Whether you’re interested in the topic or not, you’ll find it a shocking insight into the relationship between food and the environment.


Small is Beautiful - Economics as if People Mattered // E.F Schumacher 

Originally published in 1973, Small is Beautiful has been a statement on sustainability for decades, its relevance grows more and more every year. This book is a convincing account of why if we really care about the welfare of people on this earth, we would seek a more constructive balance between economic growth and the human cost it has.


Wear No Evil - How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe // Greta Eagan

Although we might think the widespread devastation of the fashion industry is common knowledge, there is actually a lot more to learn. Wear No Evil begs the question - how can we look good and do good at the same time? A closer look at the fashion industry males for a shocking read for those interesting in learning about the true cost of fashion.


Cradle to Cradle - Remaking the way we Make Things // William McDonough and Michael Braungart

A handbook for innovation that should be read by all. Praised as one of the most influential books on sustainability so far, the authors touch upon a new industrial revolution. Exploring and celebrating examples of companies that are doing good for environment and turning over a profit in the process. 


The Upcycle - Beyond Sustainability - Designing for Abundance // William McDonough and Michael Braungart 

The much anticipated follow-up to Cradle to Cradle which builds on the previous books theory and put its into practise in our daily lives. Applying their green living manifesto to the everyday. Demonstrating how minor changes can contribute to your sustainable impact on the planet. 


Our Choice - A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis // Al Gore

A book that illustrates how sustainability focused solutions work, written by advocate of action to end climate change, Al Gore. Showing us that in order to work towards solving the climate crisis, we must understand how important our choices as consumers are.


This Changes Everything - Capitalism vs. The Climate // Naomi Klein

This book by Naomi Klein delves into the myths surrounding climate change. Fact-filled to the brim, Klein takes us through the acceptance and confrontation of capitalist tactics. Underpinning and disproving myths and facts about climate change along the way.


The Story of Stuff // Annie Leonard

Author Annie Leonard explains, extremely well may we add, how humans have ruined things. She highlights how we only make up 5% of the worlds living creatures but produce 30% of its waste. This book serves as a guide on how we can change this problematic situation for the better.


A Life Less Throwaway // Tara Button

Lastly, a book written by the founder of ByMeOnce, Tara Button. She addresses the current crisis that surrounds the throwaway culture consumers have adopted. This attitude towards buying and wasting has toppled the fashion industry towards a business model that isn’t sustainable. Written from the perspective of someone who understands why we need to focus our attention on how to buy in a way that lasts. 


We hope you've enjoyed this compilation of books about sustainability and have found some you really like. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter below and join the gang! Also, share with your friends!

Love, Aequem team xx