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10 Easy Steps to Become a Minimalist
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10 Easy Steps to Become a Minimalist

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Living life with a set purpose provides a lightness to the self that is unmatched by any material thing.  By attributing practical meaning to everything you own, you not only invite a healthier life overflowing with senses of passion and assurance, but also welcome a balanced life of peace.  Become a minimalist (get more out of less!) with these 10 simple steps:

  1. Assess Your Life: evaluate your daily routine. Do you use more than 5 products when getting ready?  Are you sorting through multiple outfits before finding the one that suits you best for the day?  Most things that you touch within the 30 minutes of being awake can be lived without.  There is no need for those extra 4 eyeliners in your makeup bag, the uneaten protein bar from 5 months ago, or even the body mists that you had to buy in every single scent in store (*sigh*, we are all victims to this game, they just smell so good in the moment that it only makes sense to get them all).  But, snap out of it.  Understanding what is useful and what has simply become part of the day-to-day cycle is essential to starting the new, minimalist you.

  1. Clean Slate with Clear Intention: in an area that is visible to you each day, write down how you want to live more simply and make it your new life mantra.  This can be anything such as "Keep it Simple", "Eliminate the Unnecessary", or just simply asking yourself throughout the day "Do I really need this?"  I mean, do you?  We do not need much in life to survive.  In fact, I can tell you with full confidence that all you really need in life is 1200 calories a day.  Thats it!  If we want to get even more extreme, beyond the scope of minimalism, your body can theoretically survive up to eight days without food and water.  So why are we hoarding so much useless stuff in our lives?  The universe is incredible and we fail to notice it because we are too busy preoccupying ourselves with things like fast fashion, excess media, and gluttony.  Remind yourself why you need to keep going and why it is so important that every little thing you do ultimately contributes to the good of the environment.  Declutter the clutter and stick to the basics- how do I survive and how can I achieve the most minimal level of which I am still comfortable.

  1. The New Ultimatum = Keep, Donate, or Throw: these three words should rule your life when looking at every item you own.  Ask yourself: is it useful?  Is it the only one I have?  Does it make me feel something? Yes it does!! Then keep it.  These are the items you want to fill your life with. But, those 3 identical jumpers and trousers that are just too small that you have had since secondary school definitely need to go.  They were not cute then and I can assure you they are most likely not cute (or sustainable!) now.

  1. Stop Multitasking: no one is asking you to! You are the master of your own life and no one other person should nearly come close to influencing what you do.  Plan your day efficiently and allot time to tasks that require full attention and passion.  Never live life halfway- what is the fun in that?  Put your full heart into each thing you do rather than juggling a life of constant madness.  It is here that the minimalist thrives.

  1. Change How and Who You Spend Your Time: much like the items you own, again you must ask yourself what truly makes you feel joy, love, and happiness in life. People that constantly make you feel good and inspired make up the minimalists’ core group.  They are constantly built up and challenge to always be the best version of themselves.  Have no one in your life that makes you feel this way?  Then be your own idol, be your own superhero.  Challenge yourself to keep getting better and make it an obligation to move differently.  In doing so, crave experiences over materiality.  If all we have at the end of the day is an overflowing amount of feeling and memories, then we are doing something right.

  1. Replace, Do Not Add: being a minimalist does not mean saying goodbye to your inner fashionista.  I would never ask you to throw that queen away!  Minimalism simply means that when out shopping, never add to what you have.  Replace.  A new skirt can top those old jeans, and those jeans can be donated or sold to someone who can put them into good use.  Make fashion a cycle of intention, not collection.

  1. Create a Capsule Closet: a minimalist can open their closet and assign use to each article of clothing they own. Can you? A capsule closet is one that is no more or less than what is needed for everyday life.  Every piece of clothing is loved and worn equally.  They are never forgotten.  (View our capsule collection below for inspiration)

  1. Become Unattached: being able to let go of a majority of things in life requires a promise to be satisfied with less and expect nothing more. The less we expect from others and the more we rely on ourselves to manifest our own destinies, the more we will get out of life.  Focus on the genuine things that life has to offer.

  1. Make it Simple! Stop overthinking and start doing.  The only thing that is every holding you back in life is yourself.

  2. Live Deliberately: to live any other way is not worth half the time. 

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